Why is Video Marketing Important for Business Growth?

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Why is Video Marketing Important for Business Growth?
Feb19, 2024

Why is Video Marketing Important for Business Growth?

Content marketing has taken over as one of the most effective online marketing strategies lately. Among various types of content, video has turned out to be the most favourite.

A report by Wyzowl stated that 96% of survey respondents watched video representations about a product or service. If you want to propel your business, you should consider video marketing as a part of your online growth strategy. Let’s find out more about it.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing strategy is the use of videos to promote a brand, its services and products. The goal is to create useful, relevant and engaging video contentfor brand awareness, product promotion and lead generation. The video content is posted across multiple social media channels for users and customers to view, interact and share.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

Video marketing has gained much traction among businesses, particularly small and emerging ones to gain quick recognition. A survey by Renderforest stated that videos helped brands increase new leads by 83% in 2023. Video content is highly engaging, quickly shareable and widely consumed by users. It is an online visibility strategy that improves reach, consumer engagement and website ranking.

Why Video marketing is Important
Importance of video marketing for brands

Videos are easy to create, considerably immersive and quickly shareable. It can be shared across multiple social media platforms and has the potential to engage and enthral viewers. Video promotion has churned highly promising results in 2023 and is set to deliver better results ahead. Brands are poised to grow faster at a cost-effective investment with video content usage.

What is the Future of Video Marketing?

With multiple reports and surveys claiming the success of video content and video marketing, its future remains bright. Video content consumption is only set to rise in the upcoming years. Brands are realising the importance and efficiency of digital marketing and are increasingly incorporating it.

What is the Future of Video Marketing
The future of video marketing

Video marketing has shown promising results in improving brand engagement, increasing brand visibility and reach. As more businesses include video content in their marketing strategies, it is set to dominate the marketing landscape.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Marketing?

Video marketing has been a highly popular trend lately with more brands leveraging it to propel their online reach. While it has proved to be greatly useful for businesses and profit, it isn’t necessarily free of drawbacks.

What are the Adavantages and Disadvantages of Video Marketing
Top advantages and disadvantages of video marketing


  • Video content is eye-catching and can get attention quickly from all age ranges of viewers

  • You can create and add multiple forms of content and create an enthralling multimedia experience

  • Videos offer a higher organic reach and promise improved engagement and return on investment

  • This form of content is compatible with various devices, particularly with mobile devices


  • Video content creation, production and editing require significant time and effort

  • You need to hire multiple experts for pre-production, production and post-production of the content

  • There is a significant overhead expense related to video marketing, particularly for equipment and software

  • Once you upload and share videos, it is difficult to update them

How can Video Marketing Help Your Business Grow?

Business growth through videos is undeniable. This marketing strategy can help boost engagement, improve conversion rates, increase brand awareness and credibility, enhance the SEO of the website, help in social media audience expansion, cater to mobile user base and more.

How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business Grow
Ways in which video marketing helps brands grow
  • Boost Engagement: Video content can grow your brand’s customer engagement and keep your audience hooked with your brand. Depending on your budget and goals, you can opt for paid video advertising. These ads will run on platforms like Google, Facebook and YouTube and help in boosting customer engagement and brand promotion.

  • Improve conversion rates: Engaging and appealing product-specific or event-driven videos convert viewers into leads and then into potential clients. Experts would run video analytics using social media ads managers to optimise your strategy to efficiently reach your target audience. Based on campaign results they would fine-tune the strategy to improve conversion rates.

  • Increase brand awareness: Promotional videos about businesses, specific products and services work to enhance online awareness. As more users view and share your video content, your brand will get better online exposure.

  • Improve trust and credibility: Creating videos by following top content marketing trends can help improve relevance, credibility and trust for a brand.

  • Enhance website SEO: Videos, particularly YouTube videos increase the chance of higher ranking on search engines. Google indexes and ranks websites and pages with embedded videos better.

  • Improve social media impact: Videos tend to go viral. When users love a video they share it across multiple platforms. Insightful, engaging and knowledgeable videos can help maximising social media impact.

  • Cater to mobile user base: There are currently over 5 billion smartphone users globally. Users can watch and share videos easily on smartphones. So, video content acts as a great way to engage and target mobile phone users.

To Conclude

Video marketing is a raging trend that is here to stay. To leverage the influence of video content, make sure to include it in your online marketing strategy. Want to harness the power of video to propel your brand? Avail of world-class digital marketing services from Digital Aptech.

Hire certified and skilled resources through the Dedicated Resource Model for your brand. Experience higher online reach, visibility, superior SERP ranking and customer engagement.


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