Top 5 Content Marketing Trends to Follow Right Now

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Top 5 Content Marketing Trends to Follow Right Now
Dec05, 2023

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends to Follow Right Now

The content industry saw a massive rise worldwide, particularly after the pandemic. Businesses have jumped onto the creative bandwagon to connect with their customers with engaging content. Statista report shows that the content marketing industry will reach a revenue of US$106 billion by 2026.

However, the world of content is ever-changing. To stay relevant and remain competitive, brands should keep track of the prevailing content marketing trends. Here are some major trends that your business should follow to create an effective and optimised digital marketing strategy.

What are the Best Content Marketing Trends To Watch for?

The upcoming years will be challenging, competitive and full of opportunities for the content industry. The best content marketing tips to ensure solid results and outcomes include personalised content, user-generated content and voice search-optimised content. Other prevalent trends to follow are short-form videos and the inclusion of interactive elements in content.

What are the Best Content Marketing Trends to Watch for
Curious about what are the current trends? Read on then!

Are you interested to learn more? Let’s explore these current trends below:

  • Personalised and human-focused content

    There is a growing trend of personalising content to make it look relatable. Content that consumers can connect to or relate to is becoming more successful. Instead of creating sales-focused material, ensure the creation of personalised content. Rely on including empathy, relatability and emotion in place of sales and business jargon. Make your content look less like a sales pitch.

  • User-generated content

    This is a leading trend that many brands have been following lately. Reports suggest that consumers trust content (in any form) created by users instead of the brand. This is particularly helpful for brands that are selling services and products directly to customers.

    User-generated images, text, reviews, podcasts, etc, bring authenticity, credibility and popularity to brands. It shows the brand and its offerings are well-vetted by genuine users.

  • Voice search-optimised content

    More users today are using virtual assistant features on smart devices to search for things. Businesses will need to modify and adjust their content to be useful for voice search. The content must be aligned with natural language search to be discoverable to users opting for voice search.

    Optimise the pages, ads and other materials to rank for ‘near me’ searches. Add complete and full-sentence questions to the content and use long-tailed keywords.

  • Short-form video

    Video has been ruling as the most popular form of content for some time now. Every online marketer is aware of that. However, what’s really reigning now is short videos. Users are watching and engaging with more short videos. TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram reels are being consumed daily by users worldwide.

    Short video is easy to make, requires less effort and helps get the point across to your consumers.

  • Adding interactive elements

    With so much content generated each minute globally and the attention span of users being short, it is hard to make a lasting impression. How about making your content a bit more engaging? Marketers are resorting to including polls, puzzles, feedback, tests and calculators to make users participate. Interactive ads are more poised to keep users engaged. These types of content are more likely to make a mark on your potential customers.

Where to Find Best Content Marketing Services?

Choosing the right digital marketing company is crucial for a successful content marketing campaign. Digital Aptech is a top agency offering a wide range of digital marketing services, including content marketing.

Where to Find Best Content Marketing Services
Looking for leading Content Marketing services? We can help!

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Hire a team of certified digital marketing experts, content creators and other professionals via the dedicated resource model.

In Summary

To remain relevant in this ever-competitive industry, brands need to up their content game. Follow the latest content trends, check what’s going on in the industry and optimise your strategy. Keep your audience glued to what they want to see and how they want it.


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