Latest Google Algorithm Update 2024

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Latest Google Algorithm Update 2024
Apr12, 2024

Latest Google Algorithm Update 2024

Google is consistently working on making search experiences better for its users. For this, it rolls out major algorithm updates every year. The latest update was rolled out on March 5, 2024, and was completely implemented on March 20.

So, what is this new algorithm update all about? Let’s find out more about it below.

What is the Latest Google Algorithm Update?

The recent update from Google began on March 5. It is a combination of a core update with a separate spam update. The core update is all about improving the relevance and quality of the search results. The spam update will target the recent massive rise in spammy, low-quality, often AI-manipulated content to generate views.

What is the Latest Google Algorithm Update
Google algorithm updates 2024

Websites using clickbait, AI-generated content, or expired domains to increase traffic will be facing serious actions. Google will prioritise websites with content that is fresh, unique, relevant and of high quality.

What are the Key Insights of Google Updates of 2024?

The major insights of the recent Google updates include a reduced emphasis on links and action on AI-generated content for link manipulation. Other insights are restriction of expired domain usage and action on selling outgoing links.

What are the Key Insights of Google Updates of 2024
Major insights of Google update 2024

Here’s more.

  • Reduced importance on links

    Google used to consider links as a crucial factor for determining the relevancy and ultimately the rank of a website. However, in 2023, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes stated that link wasn’t even one of the top 3 factors in ranking. Lately, the Spam Policies documentation saw an edit regarding links and ranking. This confirms what Illyes said.

    The change in the policy document is an indication that Google might de-emphasise links in website ranking. This will be effective in the latest update.

  • Action on AI-generated content

    Lately, there has been a rise in the use of AI-generated spammy content to manipulate users for higher ranking. The new update will deal with this kind of website strongly. Websites using low-quality content to manipulate its linking will face action.

    This is also about targeting manipulative linking. However, it will additionally also target poor content generated with AI or other tools. The latest update will focus on making it mandatory for the website to provide unique, fresh and engaging content.

  • Signal on expired domain usage

    Through the latest update, Google has indicated that expired domains repurposed after buying to manipulate ranking will face action. Some websites buy expired domains and use spammy content to misuse their domain authority and traffic.

    This might trick users into believing that it is new content or a new website from a domain they previously trusted. This is domain abuse as per Google.

    Websites following this malpractice will get a beat down after this update.

  • Signal on outgoing links

    The latest update will also penalise websites selling outgoing links. This means any website that tries to manipulate its search ranking with links will face action. Google will view any link that leads to site rank manipulation as a potential spam link. It will prompt action from Google.

    So, websites that misuse outgoing links for SEO benefits will need to avoid such practices now.

To Conclude

With every algorithm update, Google tries to make searching efficient. It wants users to find the best possible results that actually fulfill their search query. The next update is slated for May 2024.

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