DRM vs Project Model


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Dedicated Resource Model

Project Model

Project Scope
  • Specifics + Project Estimates can be tweaked & organized as we keep going at the project.
  • Needs well-documented plans SRS + Work & Cost estimate.
Work Procedure
  • A transparent Work Model that prioritizes your benefits & preferences.
  • Sketched by project team based on their convenience & requirements.
  • Speak DIRECTLY to each Dedicated Developer & the Project Manager anytime you wish – about the project progress or modifications required!.
  • Communication is mainly through mails & via hierarchical layers. Also defined communication points = When defined project milestones are achieved.
  • YOU have absolute control over the kind of infrastructure required. Our Dedicated Resources also adhere to the same.
  • Project Team decides the setup – often through shuffling resources around – at times by lowering operational standards.
Project Management
  • YOU have complete control over execution. Assigned Project Managers are also answerable to YOU regarding the progress of the project.
  • Responsible Project Manager assigned takes over and oversees the work.
  • Dedicated Developers on Hire make sure that a deadline is met by working the extra days in a month (160+ hours) & Fine-tuning done by Developers under YOUR supervision.
  • Liable to miss deadlines as and when project scope increases. Deliverables may also require rigorous fine-tuning.
  • Fixed Monthly billing. Finish as many projects possible within 160 hours assigned/month. At NO Extra Costs!
  • Fixed projects = Fixed Costs. No scope for Discounts or Deductions!
Reports / Response
  • YOU set the frequency of Reporting + Feedback – that ranges from Weekly, Daily to an Hourly basis.
  • Defined by Project objectives & how soon they are accomplished. The Development team too has a say in this.
Result / ROI
  • Concrete Results. Flexibility = Improved Savings = Fantastic ROI!!
  • ROI + Results might weaken. Also high costs compromise the savings promised.

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