An Analysis of DRM vs Project Model

A Few Happy Clients

Dedicated Resource Model

Project Model

Project Scope
  • Specifics + Project Estimates can be tweaked & organized as we keep going at the project.
  • Needs well-documented plans SRS + Work & Cost estimate.
Work Procedure
  • A transparent Work Model that prioritizes your benefits & preferences.
  • Sketched by project team based on their convenience & requirements.
  • DRM: Communicate directly with your hired resources and the Project Manager to receive progress status or to make any modifications anytime you wish.
  • Project Model: Communications take place primarily through hierarchical channels and e-mails. Also communications mostly happen when your resources achieve a defined project milestone.
  • YOU have absolute control over the kind of infrastructure required. Our Dedicated Resources also adhere to the same.
  • Project Team decides the setup – often through shuffling resources around – at times by lowering operational standards.
Project Management
  • YOU have complete control over execution. Assigned Project Managers are also answerable to YOU regarding the progress of the project.
  • Responsible Project Manager assigned takes over and oversees the work.
  • DRM: If necessary, the hired dedicated resources will clock in extra hours (beyond 160 work hours per month) to fulfill the project requirements within the stipulated deadline. The developers will also finetune the deliverables as per your instructions.
  • Project Model: There is a high probability of your projects not being completed within the deadline if the workload or project volume increases. Also, the deliverables might need significant finetuning.
  • Fixed Monthly billing. Finish as many projects possible within 160 hours assigned/month. At NO Extra Costs!
  • Fixed projects = Fixed Costs. No scope for Discounts or Deductions!
Reports / Response
  • YOU set the frequency of Reporting + Feedback – that ranges from Weekly, Daily to an Hourly basis.
  • Defined by Project objectives & how soon they are accomplished. The Development team too has a say in this.
Result / ROI
  • Concrete Results. Flexibility = Improved Savings = Fantastic ROI!!
  • ROI + Results might weaken. Also high costs compromise the savings promised.


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