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Do you want to get the highest quality work at a cost-effective price? Do you want to take your business to the next level and earn a lot of revenue? Then our Dedicated Resource Model (DRM) is all you need to opt for! This is one of the best engagement models that we offer our clients! With this model, you can handpick and hire skilled employees virtually for the entire duration of your project. That sounds great, right?

And do you know what the best part of our DRM is? You can hire dedicated resources for part-time or full-time – according to your project requirements. Come, let’s take you on a tour of our Dedicated Resource Model.

Our Rate Starts From
DevelopersRate Chart(Hourly)Full Time Resource (160 Hrs/Month or 8 Hrs/Day)Part Time Resource (80 Hrs/Month or 4 Hrs/Day)
IOS Native(Swift) $12/hr $1600 $850
Android Native (Java/Kotlin)$10/hr $1500 $750
React Native$12/hr $1600 $850
Ionic$11/hr $1500 $700
WordPress$11/hr $1500 $700
Shopify$12/hr $1600 $850
&Magento$14/hr $2100 $1050
PHP/Laravel/CI$12/hr $1600 $850
Node JS$12/hr $1600 $850
Angular$12/hr $1600 $850
React JS$12/hr $1600 $850
Vue JS$12/hr $1600 $850
MEAN$12/hr $1600 $850
MERN$14/hr $2100 $1050
Java$16/hr $2400 $1150
Python$16/hr $2400 $1150
Dot Net$16/hr $2400 $1150
UI/UX Design$10/hr $1500 $750
BA (Business Analytics)$12/hr $1600 $850
QA Manual$10/hr $1500 $750
QA Automation$12/hr $1600 $850
How it works...
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    You come to us with your requirement

  • 2img

    You choose the desired profile based on the required skill and experience from the pool of talented professionals at Digital Aptech

  • 3img

    You select the pricing along with the duration of the project

  • 4img

    You make advance payment for your hired resource

  • 5img

    We assign a dedicated Account Manager to you

  • 6img

    You and the assigned Account Manager do a detailed analysis of the project requirement

  • 7img

    Based on the analysis, the Account Manager and the Project Manager shortlist the profile and send to you for final selection

  • 8img

    You select the profile(s) and decide the working model such as the delivery mechanism, project management and reporting

  • 9img

    We provide hands-on training to the selected profile(s) according to your instruction for final assignment

  • 10img

    Your virtual employee is ready to work on your project

Why Choose Our Dedicated Resource Model?

Our Dedicated Resource Model is a dependable, transparent and cost-effective working model that can help your business meet its operational requirements! Are you not convinced? Let’s check out some great reasons to opt for Dedicated Resource Model –

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    Handpick Your Team

    With our Dedicated Resource Model, you get the freedom to choose the best resources for your project! Isn’t it something that you want? Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and so we will let you handpick from a pool of skilled global resources with superior expertise.

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    Guaranteed Security

    Concerned about the data security of your business and the projects? Don’t. At Digital Aptech, we adhere to the latest security measures, and it is completely secure against unauthorised access to your data. Also, we signed a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).

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    Direct Communication

    There is no story of a middleman in our Dedicated Resource Model, as you will get the option to communicate with your picked resources directly via chat, mail, voice call, and video call.

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    Project Management

    Want to know each and every little progress of your project? Do that with our DRM, as you get to manage and supervise your project right from the comfort of your home – with the help of some popular Project Collaboration software. Isn’t it great?

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    Cost Saving

    With a team of dedicated resources, you can avoid the expenses required for logistics, hiring, training and maintaining a full-fledged team. Get quality work delivered at a low budget through our Dedicated Resource Model.

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    Increased Profitability

    Now, who doesn’t want a profitable business? With our DRM, get improved operational efficiency, streamlined productivity and higher ROI. Interested? Contact us for incredible results.


Here Are the Top 10 Reasons to Choose Digital Aptech

  • Nothing but the best of Quality. Digital Aptech is a CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001:2015 certified IT support and services company offering Quality solutions to global businesses for over 10 years
  • Your Information Security is of top-most priority for us. We are an ISO 27001:2013 certified company since the past 7 years
  • We are known for our obsession with customers. We received "Customer Obsession Award" in not 1 but 2 categories in 2018 from cii
  • Special Jury FICCI BAF AWARD co-presented by intel in 2018
  • We are top-rated global IT solutions company with 4.5 star on ambitionbox | 4.5 on google | 4.8 on clutch | 4.8 on freelancer
  • With 10+ years of cross-industry experience, we have successfully delivered over 1,500 projects to over 350 clients
  • Reduce up to 50% overhead and compliance costs by hiring our top resources through our Dedicated Resource Model
  • Get 160 hours of work, spread across 20 days each month from each dedicatedly hired resources
  • You get complete control over the project management with our DRM.
  • There is no compulsion to sign a long-term contract. You can start off with hiring resources on a contractual, temporary basis as per project requirements. We also sign an NDA to safeguard your business data and protect your privacy.


This is Where We Create Digital Excellence

At Digital Aptech, we strongly believe our work environment is directly related to the quality of work we produce. Our headquarter is located in the heart of Kolkata's IT hub. Being a CMMI Level 3 organisation, we use market-leading technologies, practices and systems for both internal and client projects. The layout is strategically planned to bring the utmost productivity while keeping sustainability intact. Overall, our top-notch infrastructure plays a key role in building a holistic and growth-stimulating environment.

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