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Do you want to get the highest quality work at a cost-effective price? Do you want to take your business to the next level and earn a lot of revenue? Then our Dedicated Resource Model (DRM) is all you need to opt for! This is one of the best engagement models that we offer our clients! With this model, you get to have your virtual employee for the entire duration of your project. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? And do you know what the best part of our DRM is? You can hire dedicated resources for part-time or full-time – according to your requirement. Come, let’s take you on a tour of our Dedicated Resource Model.

How it works...
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    You come to us with your requirement

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    You choose the desired profile based on the required skill and experience from the pool of talented professionals at Digital Aptech

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    You select the pricing along with the duration of the project

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    You make advance payment for your hired resource

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    We assign a dedicated Account Manager to you

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    You and the assigned Account Manager do a detailed analysis of the project requirement

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    Based on the analysis, the Account Manager and the Project Manager shortlist the profile and send to you for final selection

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    You select the profile(s) and decide the working model such as the delivery mechanism, project management and reporting

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    We provide hands-on training to the selected profile(s) according to your instruction for final assignment

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    Your virtual employee is ready to work on your project

Why Choose Our Dedicated Resource Model?

Our Dedicated Resource Model is a flexible, transparent and effective working model that shows results that you have always wanted! Not convinced yet? Let’s give some amazing reasons –

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    Handpick Your Team

    With our Dedicated Resource Model, you get the freedom to choose the best resources for your project! Isn’t it something that you want? What matters to us the most is your satisfaction and that is why we let you handpick your virtual team.

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    Guaranteed Security

    Are you worried about the security of your data? Don’t. At Digital Aptech, we adhere to the latest security measures and it is completely secure against unauthorized access to your data. Also, we sign an Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).

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    Direct Communication

    There is no story of middleman in our Dedicated Resource Model, as you get to interact with your dedicated resources directly through voice call, chat, mail and video call.

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    Project Management

    Want to know each and every little progress of your project? Do that with our DRM, as you get to manage and supervise your project right from the comfort of your home – with the help of some popular Project Collaboration software. Isn’t it great?

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    Cost Saving

    You get to save up to 50% on your budget. Pay only £1,500 for a dedicated developer instead of paying £7,000 for an in-house experienced developer. Sounds cool?

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    Increased Profitability

    Now, who doesn’t want a profitable business? With our DRM, turn the spotlight on your profit areas. Get incredible results!

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