Check Out How Our Project Model of Recruitment Functions

A Few Happy Clients

How it works...
  • 1

    Client comes with the requirement to Digital Aptech

  • 2

    Our Business Analyst and Project Manager analyze the requirement

  • 3

    We prepare the scope of the project and send it to the client for evaluation

  • 4

    Upon confirmation of the scope, we estimate the time and the cost

  • 5

    Client agrees to the pricing and duration of the project

  • 6

    We send the Project Proposal to the client

  • 7

    Client evaluates our Proposal

  • 8

    On agreement, the client gives us the go-ahead

  • 9

    Payment terms are agreed

  • 10

    Client makes an advance payment

  • 11

    We assign an Account Manager and Project Manager to the client

  • 12

    Designers and developers are assigned by the Project Manager

  • 13

    Project Manager sends project update to the client on a weekly basis

  • 14

    Once the development is completed, it is sent to the client

  • 15

    Client tests and finalizes the project

  • 16

    Client clears the pending dues

  • 17

    Upon 100% clearance of payment, we transfer the files to the client server


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