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Why is Hybrid App Useful for Startup Business Owners?
Jul24, 2018

Why is Hybrid App Useful for Startup Business Owners?

Are you a startup and thinking of developing an app for your business? If so, then there might be a number of questions on your mind. Should you go for an Android or iOS app development? Or, both? Should you first start with a web platform and then plan the framework of your app around it? What should you focus on?

One thing is certain – your app needs to be able to offer a great user experience. As a startup company, you don’t want to lose your potential customers by offering bad user experience, isn’t it? Also, the budget is something that you might want to stick to. This is exactly where hybrid mobile application development comes into the picture.

With hybrid application development, your business can be viewed on different mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows as well as in browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla. Users can install the app from Google Play Store or App Store. For the development of a hybrid app, the technologies that are used include CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Here are some reasons why hybrid apps are perfect for start-ups:

1. Lower cost

Compared to native apps, the process of developing hybrid apps is easier. The cost of development is very low here, as the same code can work on multiple devices such as Android, iOS and Windows. This works in favour of startup companies, as they have a limited budget. If you need to make any changes to the app in the future, you can go for it without any second thought, as you won’t face the expense and hassle involved in making the changes in two separate versions.

2. Fewer requirements

For hybrid application development, the developers don’t need to learn any specific language for Android and iOS. A hybrid app can be created with a look and feel that is similar to a native app with one language – C# and can be supplemented with frameworks such as PhoneGap wrapper or Cordova. This means, with some training, a normal web developer can develop a hybrid app. Less requirement is what startup companies need so that they be able to fulfil them.

3. Offline support

In order to save offline data, hybrid applications store the API of the device. This enables the app to load quickly. It stores the information partially, allowing the users to access it at the time of poor or no connectivity. This is great for users who want to decrease their mobile data consumption along with having an interrupted access to the app’s data. This way, as a startup, you can reach the maximum number of your potential customers.

4. Easy maintenance

A hybrid app is made to use all the features that are available in the mobile device. In case of native apps, it becomes quite challenging for users as well as developers to maintain it, even though it utilizes all the features of the device. Every time a new version is launched, developers need to roll out new versions and the users need to update it. But the case is not the same with hybrid apps. These apps bypass versioning and make maintenance a piece of cake. This flexibility level further facilitates the scalability requirements of a startup.

For every business, having a mobile application has become a necessity. With a mobile app, you not only get to penetrate the market fast but also stay competitive. And with a hybrid application, this task becomes a lot faster and easier. Giants like Twitter, Instagram and Uber have already leveraged the benefits offered by hybrid mobile application development. If you don’t want to fall behind in the race, talk to our experts now and see how we can make your business reach heights of success that you have only imagined!


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