Why is Digital Marketing Important for Fashion and E-Commerce Industry Startups?

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Why is Digital Marketing Important for Fashion and E-Commerce Industry Startups?
Jun20, 2019

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Fashion and E-Commerce Industry Startups?

Are you a startup in the fashion or e-commerce industry? Then you may know how important it is for your marketing operations to digitize your customer experiences which will be agile and scalable at the same time. The huge impact of technology can be seen in every industry and the fashion and e-commerce industry is no exception to it.

New products are being launched every day in order to keep pace with the dynamic consumer behaviour. Here, your competition is with hundreds and thousands of marketing campaigns that the consumers are flooded with every day. This is where the need for digital marketing for fashion brands comes in. We know that as a startup, you are in a time crunch and have a shoe-string budget. And that is why we suggest you have a perfect e-commerce digital marketing strategy for your business. Not convinced yet? Come, let’s tell you why digital marketing is important for Fashion & e-commerce industry startups like yours:

Equal opportunity for all businesses

Gone are the days when only big fashion houses and multinational companies embraced digital marketing. Now, small and medium businesses as well as start-ups are using the opportunity that digital marketing gives them to compete against the well-established businesses and get their own share of traffic. Do you know what the best thing about digital marketing is? You get to engage with multiple customers at a time.

Drive sales by retargeting your audience

Why you should do remarketing

Do you buy a product after visiting an e-commerce website or seeing an ad for the first time? Well, most people don’t. This is where retargeting works its magic! With retargeting, you get to reach the same set of people who were thinking of buying your products with reminder ads. Now you may ask, “How can I retarget my audience?” Well, you can create Custom Audiences with Facebook. Also, if you want to expand your reach, you can choose to target Lookalike Audiences as well.

More ROI by customizing your email campaigns

e-mail Marketing

Want big wins? Go for personalizing the emails that you send. This way, the possibility of your emails to get opened increases by 26%. As a fashion brand or an e-commerce website, you need to send the right information to the right audience. This means, if the receiver of your email is a woman, then send her information regarding new launches in women’s section. In the same way, if the receiver of your email is a man, then send him information regarding men’s products. Email marketing can be regarded as one of the oldest techniques for digital marketing and should never be neglected as it offers reasonable ROI. Now, that’s what you want, right?

Attract your visitors by offering style guides

Fashionistas love experimenting with their clothes! As you are a startup in the fashion industry, here’s an idea that you can implement to get more visitors as well as customers to your e-commerce website. Create a style guide for your website where you may include how to wear different types of clothes and how to accessorize them perfectly. This will attract more and more customers to your website. Here’s a suggestion. Don’t limit yourself to just one guide once you get started with your fashion guide. Your aim should be to interest your customers and for that try to tell a story with the style guide.

Accelerate sales with discount programs on social media

Social media marketing for fashion brands is extremely important in this cut-throat competition in the e-commerce fashion business. While buying clothes or other merchandise online, people look for discounts. And during holidays or festive season discounts take a new avatar. As a startup, you can do the same to drive customers to your site. Also, you need to make sure that you promote it carefully during as well as before the season using major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Increase brand awareness with giveaways


Want to increase your community size and brand awareness? Giveaways are the right thing to do! Is there any item in your online store that is loved by people? Then you can run a giveaway on Instagram. Increase your followers and engage them by asking them what they want to win. For the giveaway, don’t forget to use some.recognizable and beneficial hashtags. You can even create a hashtag especially for the giveaway program and that you may use for future giveaways as well.

Boost your sales with Influencer marketing

influencer marketing

New to the term “influencer marketing”? So what exactly is this? Well, when a marketing activity focuses on using the key leaders in the industry so that it can drive a brand to the larger market, it is called influencer marketing. These key leaders can be a vlogger or a blogger who already has a huge and dedicated following of people who would be interested in your brand. Their followers respect them and are greatly impacted by what they choose to wear. In the fashion industry, this is a sure shot way to boost your e-commerce sales.

To conclude, the importance of digital marketing in the fashion industry as well as the e-commerce industry can’t be ignored. So if you want to be successful as a startup in these industries, make sure to have a proper digital marketing strategy. This way you can grow your business by leaps and bounds!
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