Popular FAQ’s on IT Staff Augmentation – Answered

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Popular FAQ’s on IT Staff Augmentation – Answered
Jul05, 2023

Popular FAQ’s on IT Staff Augmentation – Answered

Businesses often require a specialised workforce to deliver specific project requirements on time. IT staff augmentation has been an ideal option for organisations globally to improve output, efficiency and operations while reducing costs.

Do you have a project in hand that you need to deliver within a strict deadline? IT staff augmentation might be a suitable option instead of traditional outsourcing or in-house expansion. Interested to know more about it? We have compiled and answered 8 major questions to help you understand all about IT staff augmentation.

What is IT Staff Augmentation and How Does it Differ from Traditional Outsourcing?

What is IT Staff Augmentation and How does it Differ from Traditional Outsourcing
For people who want to understand how staff augmentation is better than outsourcing, we have answered it for you.

In traditional outsourcing, a third-party vendor takes complete control over the project. They oversee every step from project inception to completion. In case of staff augmentation, you will be hiring temporary staff to increase your team’s output. Also, you will have absolute control over every aspect of the project.

Traditional hiring is a ready-to-go solution for businesses. Staff augmentation helps to retain control over projects and is also more cost-effective.

What Are The Main Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation for Businesses?

What are the main benefits of IT Staff Augmentation for Businesses
Staff Augmentation comes with several benefits that you need to know about.

Staff augmentation is a cost-efficient and simple solution to scale a team. You can hand-pick qualified and highly experienced resources and add them to your development team temporarily. These resources will work remotely as per your guidelines to deliver projects on time. Businesses can improve productivity while avoiding the cost of in-house hiring and training.

Staff augmentation offers the highest level of flexibility in terms of operations and project management. Moreover, since there are no expenses for infrastructure, logistics, office rent, utilities, hiring, etc. you can save up to 50% of the total budget

How Does IT Staff Augmentation Help in Scaling The Development Team Quickly?

How Does IT Staff Augmentation Help in Scaling The Development Team Quickly
Staff Augmentation can help you scale your IT Team quickly and here is how.

IT staffing solutions enable brands to integrate third-party resources to supplement the current workforce on a temporary basis. This increases the team’s headcount and allows you to deliver projects on time. Your brand benefits from better efficiency, on-time delivery, flexibility and reduced expenses.

Your development team will get the opportunity to scale itself with better access to specialised talent, faster turnaround time, and improved time to market.

What Types of IT Roles Can Be Filled with Staff Augmentation?

What Types of Role Can Be Filled With IT Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation can help fulfill your IT Roles faster.

All types of IT roles and services can be easily filled with IT staff augmentation. From web designers to software developers or data scientists, you can get access to a vast range of technical expertise.

Leading staff augmentation partners like Digital Aptech offers qualified web developers, mobile app developers, data scientists, IT consultants, digital marketers, content writers, and E-commerce experts at cost-effective rates.

What Criteria Should be Considered While Selecting IT Staff Augmentation Providers?

What Criteria Should be Considered While Selecting IT Staff Augmentation providers
While looking for IT Staff Augmentation Providers, make sure you choose a dependable company.

The first step to leveraging the benefits of staff augmentation solutions is to find the right partner. To find a suitable IT staff augmentation service provider check the relevant skill and expertise of the team, the track record and client testimonials, communication module, reviews, and pricing structure, among many others.

In addition, make sure to check the privacy and data security policies to ensure all your data is in safe hands.

Can Staff Augmentation be Used For Short-Term or Project-Based Needs?

Can IT Staff Augmentation be Used for Short Term or Project Based Needs
Staff Augmentation is ideal For Short-Term or Project-Based Needs and here is why.

IT staff augmentation offers peak flexibility to businesses in terms of project management and hiring. You can choose to integrate dedicated resources through staffing solutions for both short or long-duration projects.

Also, organisations can choose qualified professionals for specific project requirements. These hired resources will help in completing particular tasks within a set deadline.

Can IT Staff Augmentation Be Used for Remote or Distributed Teams?

Can IT Staff Augmentation be used for Remote or Distrbuted Teams
IT Staff Augmentation Can Certainly Be Used for Remote or Distributed Teams.

Businesses can easily incorporate resources through IT staff augmentation for their remote or distributed teams. These resources can be hired dedicatedly on an hourly, full-time or part-time basis.

So, if your brand has a remote team or distributed team across geographical locations, you can spruce up its output with dedicated resources. Staff augmentation will help improve capacity and productivity while cutting additional expenses.

How Does IT Staff Augmentation Help in Reducing Recruitment and Onboarding Costs?

How Does IT Staff Augmentation Help in Reducing Recruitment and Onboarding Costs
Several Organisations are opting for Staff Augmentation Services to save on several costs of compliances.

When you choose to add resources remotely through staff augmentation, you get to save the costs of interviewing, hiring, training and managing an in-house team. Moreover, you need not spend on logistics, infrastructure, utilities, office rent and other compliance costs.

The resources are trained by the staff aug partner. Since they’d be working entirely remotely, you get to avoid multiple expenses. You can use these funds for other core business activities.

To Wrap Up

Compared to outsourcing or in-house recruitment, IT staff augmentation proves to be more cost-efficient and beneficial. Get skilled professionals and streamline the product development cycle and reduce the overall expenses.


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