What are IT Staff Augmentation Solutions?

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What are IT Staff Augmentation Solutions?
Apr04, 2023

What are IT Staff Augmentation Solutions?

To maintain smooth operational flow and stay competitive, global IT companies are in constant need of skilled and experienced professionals. However, hiring a full-time resource comes with multiple formalities, challenges and added cost to the company.

Businesses today are exploring and opting for more hassle-free and cost-effective models such as staff augmentation. It allows them to access the global talent pool and find suitable resources at a reduced cost.

Let’s find out more about this.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation refers to employing skilled resources from outside organisations on a temporary or contractual basis while still managing control of the project and operations. This model of outsourcing offers increased operational efficiency and scalability at cost-effective rates.

What does Staff Augmentation Mean?

Staff augmentation means hiring professionals from an organisation to complete various company projects without having to hire an in-house team for the same. Businesses get to handpick and hire top global resources on a temporary basis at a preferred rate.

The hiring company contacts a firm offering staffing solutions, communicates its requirements and then hires a dedicated team, usually remotely. The hiring company gets to pick the resources and the hourly rates. They also get the benefit of staying in complete control of the project.

What is Staff Augmentation in Consulting?

To fill out the shortfall in resources, a company can avail of staff augmentation services to complete its ongoing development projects. The company reaches out to an IT consulting firm and chooses a team of remote dedicated resources at an agreed price to work on particular projects.

What is Nearshore Staff Augmentation?

What is Nearshore Staff Augmentation
Nearshore Staff Augmentation allows hiring from the same geographical location.

Nearshore staff augmentation is hiring a team of dedicated resources for specific projects from companies that are located in the same geographic region as the hiring company. For instance, a US-based business would be taking staff augmentation from companies located in Latin American nations.

What is the Difference between Staff Augmentation and Managed Services?

Managed services refer to outsourcing IT tasks to another organisation to offload or lighten the workload of the in-house team or help teams with additional IT demand. Staff augmentation refers to hiring skilled global resources on a contractual basis for a specific project at a fixed rate while still having complete control of the projects and operations.

Can a Company use Staff Augmentation?

Yes, a company can use staff augmentation to externally hire handpicked professionals for a specific period at a particular rate (usually on an hourly basis) to work on different projects. This model allows businesses to avoid the cost of in-house teams, infrastructure and logistics while improving productivity and operational efficiency.

How to Introduce a Staff Augmentation Company to a Client?

Staff augmentation is an IT staffing solution that bridges the supply and demand gap of skilled resources in the global IT business space. Businesses can temporarily hire dedicated resources to increase the output and efficiency of the existing team at a cost-effective rate that is significantly lower than setting up an in-house team.

Can Staff Augmentation Employees Receive Severance Pay?

Can Staff Augmentation Employees Receive Severance Pays
Severance pay is a crucial factor for providing optimum security to employees.

Companies hiring resources under staff augmentation pay at a fixed rate for a specific period to the staff augmentation firm. The hiring company is not responsible for paying severance pay or any benefits directly to the resources. If the company offering staff augmentation has severance pay benefits in its policy, then the staff augmentation employees will receive severance.

Wrapping up

Businesses can greatly benefit from the staff augmentation service model. You can get complete control of the project, avail streamlined operations, cherry-pick resources as per your requirements, pay only for the period of engagement and avoid any employee obligations and liabilities otherwise applicable for in-house teams.

Dependable IT staff augmentation from reputed firms can help businesses catapult their operations, productivity and growth at a low budget.


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