How Drupal Distinguishes Itself from Other CMSs

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How Drupal Distinguishes Itself from Other CMSs
Nov15, 2018

How Drupal Distinguishes Itself from Other CMSs

Are you looking for the best content management system? Then you must have come across several CMSs and have had an endless discussion about WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Every CMS is unique with their innovative features. But, when it comes to finding the best content management system, Drupal is somehow one step ahead from the others. The features of Drupal include an amazing collection of modules that help in developing any type of site including creating a blog, designing an informational site or an e-commerce site. Let’s dig deeper into a few facts and learn how Drupal has distinguished itself from other CMS and become the best in the market.

It is an open source CMS :


Drupal is an open source web content management system that can be customised to help you develop the right tool and serve the right content management strategy. If you want to design real-world enterprise solution and empower web innovation, Drupal development can be the best option for you. The limitless potential of this platform with the native features and module extensions distinguishes it in the crowd.

There are a number of reasons why Drupal is considered as the top three most used CMSs. Read on.

1. Reliability


The accelerated adoption of this system makes it extremely reliable. The platform is getting better day by day with every upgraded version. Drupal 7 is more reliable than Drupal 6. In fact, in just 6 months of introduction, this version (Drupal 7) was adopted by more than 1 million websites in comparison to the previous version (Drupal 6). The latest version, Drupal 8, is so far the best and there are millions of reasons to migrate to this version. With Drupal 8, it is now possible to manage high traffic. Due to its extreme efficiency, it has become the perfect choice for handling the world’s busiest web platforms. In short, it can be said that Drupal is competing with its own versions and becoming more and more efficient with every upgraded version.

2. Solid security measures


Drupal is popularly known for its strict security measures. It has been rigorously tested by Drupal experts to ensure strict security. The built-in security of this platform is strong. You can hire a Drupal developer to ensure the highest security of your website. Because of its strong security feature, the biggest sites in the world are using Drupal.

3. Flexibility integration and scalability


The customizable features of Drupal make it extremely flexible. This is the reason that the number of Drupal development companies is increasing day by day. The flexibility ensures that you can customise anything on your site. And for that, you don’t need to implement any custom code. Drupal enables you to customise your blogs, pages, forums, polls, designs, aesthetics, layouts, stock images, fonts, colours, third party themes and much more.

4. Robust and convenient


When the source code of your Drupal site is precisely written and designed by an expert Drupal developer, it can be extremely easy and convenient for you to modify the system. Since Drupal has an easy and convenient feature, you can do more complex work without facing any hassle.

5. Multilingual features


One of the best features, that Drupal has, is its multilingual feature. The modules of this platform come in 90 different languages. That means you can access all the major languages on this platform.

Apart from the above, there are tons of reasons why Drupal is one of the best CMSs. There is hardly any flaw on this platform. Possibly, this is the reason why everyone loves it. If you want to get upgraded with technology, choose Drupal for your website. Digital Aptech has some of the best Drupal developers to help you in this. Count on us today to learn more.


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