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Do you want to build a web portal and are looking for the right Drupal development company to partner with? Digital Aptech is the name. We are a leading Drupal development company with extensive experience in Drupal-based website design, theme integration, customization and module development. We implement industry approved practices and standards that are Drupal-specific so that we can ensure quality, quick time-to-market and above all, ROI. It is our expertise across the verticals of e-commerce, travel, insurance, healthcare, banking and finance that has enabled us to successfully roll-out some high-performing, robust, scalable and complex Drupal development projects.

Scalable and Result-Driven Drupal Solutions!

Our Key Expertise
  • Great knowledge of integrating Drupal into existing website
  • Developing custom modules
  • Customizing themes
  • Configuring basic modules as well as core settings to get a site running
  • Migrating Drupal data from other platforms
  • Proficient knowledge in Drush command line tool
  • Creating forms from scratch using the API – with validation and posting back to the email/DB
  • Ability to customize and tweak forms and themes without altering core files but by using custom modules
  • Strong knowledge of key Drupal APIs such as Node API, Queue API, Entity API and APIs of Drupal

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