Why You Should Update Your Magento 1 Store to Magento 2

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Why You Should Update Your Magento 1 Store to Magento 2
Jul19, 2021

Why You Should Update Your Magento 1 Store to Magento 2

Ever since Magento was launched way back in 2008, it has captured the largest share of the market in terms of building e-commerce websites. A decade and a half later, the platform has undergone tremendous transformations to reach the dizzy heights that Magento 2 enjoys today. Magento 1 during its initial days saw some glitches and flaws because of which there was tremendous effort put in to bring out the advanced Magento 2.0 version. Having brought out Magento 2 commerce platform, Adobe has officially ended all support to its 12 year old product Magento 1 in June 2020.

It is imperative that you update your Magento 1 website to Magento 2 commerce to avail of the full features and make your mark in the highly competitive sphere of online business.

Let’s explore the reasons as to why you should migrate your online store to Magento 2.0 marketplace.

1. Magento 2 provides enhanced website performance & scalability:

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Magento comes with an enhanced indexer that helps up any query performance speed. Its indexing transforms merchant inventory and pricing data by creating tables and updates them regularly thus, improving performance and query speed. The use of Varnish cache HTTP accelerator further improves website cache requests.

All of this makes possible for multiple admin users to create and edit website information without conflict of data. Upgrading to Magento 2 will have better business website in terms of

  • Optimized pages with higher speed
  • Improved backed efficiency
  • 30% more order processing per hour
  • High server response for all activities on website
  • Magento 2 loads 30-50% faster compared to Magento 1
  • 2. Mobile-friendly e-commerce/online store boosting sales:

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    Handheld devices use has changed the way people browse and shop. There is a whooping increase of more than 62% business by way of mobile commerce. In view of this, it is imperative that e-commerce sites are geared to be mobile-friendly.

    Magneto 2 is built to give you mobile-friendly websites having responsive designs enabling ergonomic browsing and friendly checkout. Customers viewing from a host of devices with different screen resolutions can easily browse and shop when the site is updated to Magento 2. Moreover, the touch-screen friendly admin panel makes navigation a breeze. The bottom line is that upgrading to Magento 2 will help increase sales and boost conversion ratios.

    3. Improved checkout process garners higher sales:

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    Customer checkout process is a crucial part of user experience and Magento 2 is just right with it! Even top e-commerce websites suffer extensive loss of business due to abandoned shopping carts loaded with items. Reasons for it vary from slow checkout to restricted payment and shipping options.

    Magento 2 website design takes care of this crucial phase of online business with smooth checkout process in 2 steps instead of the 6-steps check out in Magento 1! Magento 2 does not skip those steps rather, they are completed during the browsing stages as the customers proceeds to checkout. The steps are billing information, shipping information, shipping method, payment information and order review. It is a huge step towards increasing conversion up to 35.26% as per studies.

    The upgraded version of Magento also lets customers to be recognized as guests and complete their shopping instead of the mandatory login and registration to proceed to the checkout page. Integrated payment methods and dynamic shipping rates as per country, region and postcode all help elevate online shopping experience with Magento 2.

    4. Instant purchase increases sales:

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    Customers coming to a Magento 2 e-commerce store can complete their purchase quickly by availing the instant purchase feature. Once they click on a product’s purchase now button, they are directly taken to the confirmation page to place their order. This feature on Magento 2 helps cut down order placing time by about 90% which is really ideal for shopping when using mobile devices.

    With more and more people given to impulsive shopping, this feature is a great pointer in boosting sales!

    5. Enables quick and easy upgrade:

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    Regular upgrade of your online business is a must if you are aiming to earn high returns all through. Newer versions help get rid of existing bugs and also upgrade to offer newer and trending buying experiences to customers. Having a site on a platform that does not support such advanced upgrade is sure to damage business returns. Magento 2 offers you just the right podium to take forward your business in case of update without slowing down your current business.

    6. Magento 2 allows easy integration of useful extensions:

    Magento plugins and extensions that come with Magento 2 are good to carry out e-commerce activities improving its functionalities. You can customize and personalize the look and feel of the e-store as per the season or any other need keeping it vibrant and true to the season of business. Also, integration of multiple payment gateways makes it more user-friendly for its customers.

    It offers different payment extensions like:

  • Converge payment extension
  • Realex Payments extension
  • PagSeguro payment for Magento 2
  • Elavon payment extension
  • It also comes with customer persuasion and loyalty programs extensions like:

  • Free gifts and coupons
  • Gift card extensions
  • Upsell and cross-sell popups
  • Stock and price countdown
  • 7. Enables automated e-mail marketing:

    Dotmailer email marketing automation is among the latest features of Magento development that makes it an instant hit for all advertising and marketing purposes. You can created automated marketing campaigns instantly through multiple channels including e-mail, SMS, Push and other channels. Though Dotmailer’s toolset is easy to use, you still have 24×5 customer support to back you up in case of any doubt.

    8. Advanced reporting feature:

    Located in Magento 2 admin, the reporting feature will give you 20 reports at a go through the web interface. You will get report insight on critical areas like orders, customer details and product details. Reports are updated and generated continuously to give you fresh data on your online business letting you know your customer base and the best selling products. In the process you have a complete insight into business metric to manage your online store optimally.

    Concluding remarks

    We’ve given you enough and more reasons as to why you should upgrade to Magento 2 marketplace and have a high performance e-shop offering fabulous user experience. The improved checkout process is among the frontline reasons apart from it being extremely mobile friendly. You have a lot to gain as you and your customers both enjoy data safety with multiple payment and currency integration options.

    It’s time to upgrade to the latest Magento 2 version with Certified Magento developers who understand business niche needs.
    Get yours NOW from the experts at DAPL!!!


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