Why Should Public Sector Organizations Have a Mobile App?

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Why Should Public Sector Organizations Have a Mobile App?
Jul04, 2018

Why Should Public Sector Organizations Have a Mobile App?

Companies of all shapes and sizes believe that mobile apps have a lot of potentials. However, mobile applications have the power to transform the delivery of public services as well. What if your smartphone could record each and every pothole you hit while you are driving your car? Does it sound like a science fiction to you? Well, that’s exactly what the citizens of Boston can do – all thanks to the mobile app named Street Bump!

In order to spot the bumps that occur in the course of your car trip, this app uses GPS and accelerometer data. While single bumps are ignored, multiple bumps that are recorded by different mobiles at the same place are paid attention to and a road crew is sent to fill in the hole. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? And this is just one from the pool of new public sector related apps that are made to improve the lives of the citizens all over the world. You just can’t ignore the role of information technology in public sector. Not convinced yet? Here’s how mobile apps can help public sector. Read on.

Increased productivity

With mobile devices, the location of an employee is not a barrier anymore. They can work from any location they want and remain productive at the same time. According to a survey, more than 76% cited an increase in decision-making speed and employee responsiveness in companies where mobile applications are being used.

Tasks made simpler

Critical tasks are performed by caseworkers who make use of tools that are not enough. Some have to handle as many as 80 clients each month. Most of their days are spent making visits to homes or offices. Then there are others who struggle keeping records of a number of handwritten field notes, intake forms and the drivers’ licenses and birth certificates of their clients – and they have to enter all this data manually into the system. Here come mobile solutions that can make their jobs a lot simpler enabling them to operate as truly mobile workers.Importance of technology in public sector can’t be ignored.

Enhanced results

In the Manchester, the New Hampshire police department has partnered with New Hampshire-based Ping4 in order to establish “hyperlocal” areas, which is a process named “geo-fencing”. If one uses the proper app, one will get a text alert whenever they enter the area. These alerts can be on anything – from the critical announcements about a gunman on the loose or a lost child to offers from local businesses. By using this system to remind people who park in a downtown lot about auto break-ins, they have been successful to reduce the incident of theft by 40%.

Mobile apps can be used in the public sector to provide with a multitude of benefits. Digital Aptech is a renowned mobile apps development company offering the highest-quality mobile solutions. Have a project in mind? Share your requirement with Us!


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