Why is it Profitable to Hire a Remote Team for Startups to Develop their Digital Products?

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Why is it Profitable to Hire a Remote Team for Startups to Develop their Digital Products?
Jun22, 2021

Why is it Profitable to Hire a Remote Team for Startups to Develop their Digital Products?

The world has come to know the benefits of hiring remote team even before the pandemic hit it a year and a half back. From incurring lower costs to getting the job done without having to manage professionals, the list is really long. What is perhaps more important is the role that these remote teams play when it comes to develop products for small businesses and specially startups.

Companies having expertise in running and hiring out remote development teams are the best people to tell you all the right reasons for startups to go for such teams. No matter the niche of your startup business, you’re sure to find the right talent team when going remote. In fact, statistics reveal that 41% employers report talent shortage when looking for the exact resources for product development.

Opting for remote teams give you full and unlimited access to global stream of qualified talent in your business niche. This is more important for startups that are in distant locations from the handful of upscale locations where such talents are concentrated. When going for remote teams, you just need to connect with the organization that have the requisite expertise in the niche and get their team to do your job!

Here are the 5 best reasons for you to hire a remote team as a startup for developing your digital product.

1. Low infrastructure costs:

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Well, you can forgo the necessity of those well-designed office spaces that you’ll need if you were to have your own physical team working to develop your digital product. You save on the entire infrastructure cost of rent, items and their regular maintenance when you hire a remote team. The investment that you would have to make on technology system infrastructure alone would have been daunting for you to start with your business! With a remote team working offsite for you, you can have your business rolling in time even from your home or any small space and fetch the necessary returns in time.

2. Low employment costs:

hybrid team work process

Hiring talents for the apt niche is not easy. You would have to invest in an agency to get the right people to work for you in your office or spend an enormous amount of time personally to do it. Moreover, if you don’t have the expertise in the technology niche, you may not get to hire the best talents and, right talents in turn are expensive. You would have to hand out a substantial sum as salary and legal benefits to a regular employee, the total costs of which are going to be very high. Moreover, there are issues regarding compliance and maintaining payroll. When you hire a remote team to do the development part, you’re free from all these obligations and also incur very less in terms of costs.

3. Best talent pools accessible at affordable costs:

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Remote teams always comprise of experts who are passionate about the task and always find a way of remaining recharged even with project intricacies delivering top-class products to clients. No matter which sophisticated technology your digital products development needs, developers of remote teams are both motivated and have the expertise to deliver them seamlessly. The net output is that you have the best digital product in hand without having to do anything!

4. Motivated developers:

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Remote teams comprise of highly trained specialized talent who do what they do because they enjoy doing it. This naturally motivates them to work on the project they are given striving to do their best. These developers work at their own pace with full responsibility without having to be pushed to get the job done. You can continue to work on developing your startup business strategies as the best-in-class digital product gets developed and delivered in time.

5. Greater productivity:

hybrid team work process

Several bodies carrying out survey on remote working teams have come up with the data on their productivity. 72% people using them have reported higher productivity compared to those working for them physically. With most people working 40 hours on an average both on-site and off-site, it has been observed that onsite workers slog more compared to remote teams. Reasons vary from zero commuting time to being specialized in their niche. 60-80% of remote teams make more progress compared to those working on-site.

Concluding remarks

As a startup you’re not prepared to handle the list of intricacies that you’re likely to be plagued with when hiring and managing your own team. To top it, the colossal amount that you’ll have to hand out when having your own team can become detrimental to even start your venture. Expert remote teams can step in and do the needful at most affordable costs and bring to life your dream venture while bringing in quick ROI.


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