What Value Can An SEO Expert Bring To A Business?

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What Value Can An SEO Expert Bring To A Business?
Jan08, 2021

What Value Can An SEO Expert Bring To A Business?

Big brands are fading away into oblivion while newer names are making their marks across industry verticals. The magic really lays in how businesses are utilizing online platforms and search engines to make most of them. Search Engine Rankings are of utmost importance to online business presence but the process involves complex algorithms that are difficult to understand for non-technical people.

Luckily, there are experts in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) domain who can help you make sense of these complex algorithm and their updates from Google and its counterparts. These experts formulate and implement strategies that can help generate necessary traffic to your business website, bring leads and optimize conversions.

Who is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is a specialist who is skilled in the art of generating website traffic on the search engines by bring it to the top spots on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It’s important to know the fine nuances of the trade as the wrong move can send the website right to the bottom and harm business returns.

The primary responsibility of an SEO expert is the same as that of any marketer – to create more sales for the company. She/he does this by implementing ways that increases the website’s visibility on different search engines that in turn bring in increased traffic and sales. Their tasks consist of implementing and testing different search engine marketing techniques, suggesting SEO-friendly website layouts and implementing advertising strategies for search engine optimization.

What are the skills of an SEO specialist?

A good SEO specialist is a problem-solver and decision maker who knows how to prioritize marketing ideas and create relevant and engaging content. Such a person is continually updated on the latest developments in the digital marketing world with an in-depth knowledge about the liaison between different departments.

An SEO expert works in close collaboration with a Digital Marketing expert with the intention of developing newer initiatives and updates to increase user management across social media platforms. The expert is able to bring in more business using organic traffic enhancing ways and execute paid methods. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is an integral part of SEO and the expert also handles all aspects of this online marketing.

Ways an SEO expert adds value to a business

The final intent of all activities that an SEO expert carries out is to enhance business returns by dominating the search engines. Most SEO experts have a thorough understanding of website analytics which they analyze to improve customer conversion rates. Here are the key methods that any good SEO expert will include to increase business value propositions.

Understand the user persona:

Understanding the target audience in details is the first step to pull organic traffic to the business website. Knowing what the customer is looking for, her/his needs and preferences and demographic inclinations form the crux of this knowledge. Each business is sure to have a defined user persona depending on the industry vertical it pertains to. The SEO expert formulates all marketing strategies based on impressing and attracting such a persona to your business.

Carry out website audit:

Your business website should be SEO-friendly for Google and its counterparts to find it and fall in love with it. For this, the SEO expert carries out an audit of all website pages and its content to find out its pros and cons. She/he then formulates a list of changes that need to be implemented and carries them out. These can include on-page changes like changes in the overall design and its presentation to making coding changes. The outcome of the audit will enable the SEO expert to better user-experience and increase on-page timing that together work to give business website prominent web visibility.

Make on-page changes:

Working on on-page SEO mechanical elements such as H-tags, text structures, text formatting and images to attract the search engine bots is among the key elements. Resolve 404 errors, 301/302 redirects, mend broken links, remove duplicate content, work on robot.txt file, work on crawl errors, pagination and increase website speed are some fundamental aspects that an SEO specialist works on to enhance search engine affinity and add value to your business.

This domain also includes working extensively on keywords and phrases, latent semantic indexing (LSI), keyword synonyms, stem keywords and keyword prominence among others. Identifying new potential keywords, find out alternative terms and related question all help in increasing business profitability of the client. Posting updated content with such keyword use is sure to bring about high rankings on the search engine results page (SERP).

Carry out off-page SEO:

The main reason for off-page SEO is to optimize the website to make it more relevant, trustworthy and give it authority. All of this will attract the user and ultimately the search engines that will rank it well. The most prominent work in this genre involves link-building of different types such as natural links, self-created links and manually built links. Other activities related to off-page SEO that positively increase website traffic are guest blogging and influencer marketing.

Concluding remarks

Competent SEO personnel and Digital Marketing experts can help small businesses create a fast and credible online presence by strategically planning and executing different ways of optimizing its business website. Even in the face of stiff competition, good white hat SEO methods that she/he implements will enable the business to rank high in the SERP, attract and retain the right customer base. After all, the ultimate goal of all SEO activities is to bring more business conversions.


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