What is ChatGPT | How to Use ChatGPT | Does ChatGPT Save Data

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What is ChatGPT | How to Use ChatGPT | Does ChatGPT Save Data
Mar02, 2023

What is ChatGPT | How to Use ChatGPT | Does ChatGPT Save Data

ChatGPT has been making its fair share of rounds on the internet recently. But what is it really? A bunch of intelligent people replying to you? AI taking over humanity? Or is it just a plaything? In this blog, we cover a lot of such questions.

What is ChatGPT?

The name gives it away; it’s a chatbot, an AI-powered chatbot, to be precise. It is owned by OpenAI and was developed on the GPT-3 family. Again, it is an extensive family of multiple language models using supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.
No, it is not the first ever chatbot, but what makes it unique is the humanlike response that it generates. Moreover, it is a self-learning chatbot, which means the more you use it, the better it becomes.

When did ChatGPT release?

OpenAI launched ChatGPT’s prototype on Nov 30th 2022. User attention instantly started pouring in, and people began trying the bot and sharing their opinions on it. The bot was capable of solving complex problems and generating correct codes as well. It had a record of over 1 million within 5 days of its release. In January, it had more than 100 million active users. Reviews started pouring in almost instantly. Where most people using this just for fun, people also understood that the bot can be put to good use for work too.

How to Use ChatGPT
Users are eager to learn how to use ChatGPT and we will tell you.

How to use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can be used via all devices with a few simple steps:
1. Visit chat.openai.com.
2. Click on the login button.
3. Enter the required details like email id, mobile number etc. You will then receive an OTP.
4. Enter the OTP.
5. Homepage appears with multiple options to choose from.
6. To start the conversation, click on the “New Chat” button.
7. You are set to shoot your questions to the bot and receive answers.

Can ChatGPT write Essays?

The short answer is yes! ChatGPT can write essays which may look like a human has written them. However, it might not really be helpful for you. As a chatbot, ChatGPT does not have the subject matter expertise or the comprehension of the subject which needs to be written about. So no, you probably shouldn’t be using it for your assignment. What is funny is the fact that students are using the tool to do their homework, raising considerable concerns for both parents and the education system.

Can ChatGPT write codes?

Similar to essays, ChatGPT can also write basic codes, as observed. Several companies see this as a threat to their employees, whereas others see it as a welcoming change. Companies feel with ChatGPT; their programmers can save time doing mundane tasks. This will further help them to utilise their time more efficiently. Several IT Software Solution Companies look forward to including ChatGPT in their system.

Does ChatGPT use Data
ChatGPT stores your data which can be a privacy breach.

Does ChatGPT save data?

ChatGPT does save data, which is also one of the primary concerns. The bot also saves chat history, which is available on your home screen after you log in. This has raised several privacy-related questions and concerns.
Users need to beware as the service can process sensitive details that they provide. This information is associated with your identity tags, like your email and phone numbers.

Why does it show chatGPT is at capacity?

With the growing popularity of ChatGPT, users are swarming to the OpenAI portal to give it a run. However, many users have come across the message showing ChatGPT is at capacity. This means the portal has received too many requests and can only take so many requests now.
Company officials have said that they are looking into ways to expand their server capacity. What is unique is even at capacity, OpenAI recommends you be mindful of your breathing pattern, helping you meditate.

How much does ChatGPT cost?

It is a free bot, and OpenAI released it as research and is not charging its users for the same. Last month, OpenAI also developed a premium version allowing subscribers to have priority access. Subscribers in this category are majorly IT businesses. However, the company is planning ways to monetise expanded services in future.


ChatGPT is a marvel in all true sense; it is amusing, informative and prompt. No matter what the reason may be, it certainly is popular. Both individuals and organisations are trying to devise ways to incorporate it to improve lives.


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