Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Detailed Overview

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Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Detailed Overview
Apr30, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Detailed Overview

You must have definitely come across terms like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or big data lately. Social media is quite abuzz about what AI is capable of and how it will impact humans in the long run.

Are you intrigued by Artificial Intelligence? Do you want to know more about it, how it works and its pros and cons? You’re just at the right spot. Here we have compiled everything that you need to know about AI. Let’s dive in.

What is AI?

What is AI
AI stands for Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Technology) refers to technology that allows computer systems to execute tasks that are generally performed by and associated with humans. These actions include prediction, problem-solving, speech interpretation, object identification and more.

Who Invented AI?

In 1950, Alan Turing introduced ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’. He brought in the Turing Test which technically made the world aware of a technology that we now know as AI.

Who is the Father of AI?

John McCarthy is the Father of AI. He was an American cognitive scientist and computer scientist. McCarthy is one of the founding fathers of AI as a discipline of study. He was one of the participants at the Dartmouth conference of 1956 where the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was coined.

Who is the Mother of AI?

Elaine Kent is the Mother of Artificial Intelligence. She is a former professor at Carnegie Mellon University who made significant contributions to AI since 1970s. Other notable female AI scientists and researchers include Ada Lovelace, Fei-Fei-Li, and Leslie Kaelbling.

Why Use AI?

The most compelling reason to use AI is that these systems help in faster and more efficient data analysis. This can help in improved data pattern recognition for superior outputs. Overall, AI can help us use bulk data for better business decisions.

Is Artificial Intelligence Just Coding?

Technically, Artificial Intelligence is just about coding. AI involves coding by humans using available data to make computer systems analyse data and learn human behaviour.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Having AI?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Having AI
Lets discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages that AI poses.

Major advantages of AI include automation of tasks, help in medical diagnosis, data analysis, data visualisation, medical diagnosis, and more. On the downside, drawbacks include privacy and ethical concerns, cybersecurity risks, bias, and human replacement.

Is AI an Existential Threat to Humanity?

AI right now is a highly beneficial tool to human beings. However, it has its own drawbacks that require our attention and intervention. Contrary to some reports and opinions, AI is unlikely to be an existential threat to mankind.

Will AI Take Over Humans One Day?

There have been reports that AI could pose a serious threat to humans. In 2023, various researchers and leaders connected with the field of AI signed an open letter. They unanimously agreed that AI could surpass humans as they become more advanced and autonomous.

Will AI Take Over Humans One Day
With people concerned over losing their jobs to AI, the question stands, will AI take over humans one day?

With governments and businesses gradually delegating major tasks to AI, they can one day take decision-making away from humans.

What is the Future of Artificial Intelligence?

In the near future, businesses and governments will work to implement AI in untapped sectors. These will include retail marketing, law enforcement, cybersecurity, transportation, fintech and healthcare. AI will be incorporated with ML, IoT and other disruptive big data tech.

What is the Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence Projects?

Python is often a preferable choice among developers working on AI projects. It is ideal for all-round project development. Other popular programming languages include Java, C++, and JavaScript.

Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Jobs in The Future?

A recent report by Goldman Sachs reveals that AI might potentially replace 300+ million full-time jobs globally. AI will simplify operations for businesses across multiple verticals. However, this will impact various jobs as more tasks become automated with AI.

What is the Problem AI Will Bring Us?

Artificial Intelligence is disruptive, world-changing, and revolutionary but it has major drawbacks. These include increased privacy violations, deepfakes, algorithmic bias, and job loss due to automation. Other issues will be market volatility, weapons automatisation, etc.

What is the Smartest AI?

IBM Watson from IBM is often considered the smartest AI. It is popular for its wide range of learning capabilities and to adapt over time. Google AlphaGo is also another smart AI.

Could an AI Build Another AI?

Yes, AI has the capability to build another AI. Since 2017, the world has witnessed instances where an AI has created another AI or ‘Child AI’. However, to create Child AI, the parent AI is designed for the sole purpose of building another AI.


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