What are the Best Mobile Application Development Tools 2021?

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What are the Best Mobile Application Development Tools 2021?
Feb04, 2021

What are the Best Mobile Application Development Tools 2021?

User-experience has the ultimate say when it comes to apps that run successfully across any platform. Developers need to ensure that they are working with the best set of tools to build glitch-free and robust apps. Keeping this in mind, coders of the top mobile app development company in India make sure to show their brilliance using the latest mobile application tools.

Going beyond, those of you providing mobile app development services in India need to use the most suitable tool depending on the platforms across which the apps will perform. To do this as an app developer, you need to have the full suite of tools that’ll let you work fast and smart.

Here’s the list of the top must-have tools that every app developer must have.

1. Ionic

Ionic is a Sass CSS language based hybrid app development tool to help coders build apps for multiple platforms. It is among the best options when you have limited app development time. The tool is easy to use and can be easily integrated with Angular JS to develop a variety of apps depending on customers’ needs.

The tools comes with an enormous library having JS CSS components, CSS features and mobile-optimized HTML that are just right to develop features perfectly compatible with present-day mobile phones. The command-line interface helps developers get access to features like live reload, logging and emulators. As part of post development support, you can send any app update to users directly without 3rd-party interventions which is behind the immense popularity it enjoys among app developers.

2. Buildfire

Easily the top choice of Android and iOS developers, Buildfire is a powerful tool for all types of app development jobs. Its Buildfire.JS can be used to build custom functionalities of apps as per customer demands. The customization of all features is possible using JavaScript giving unlimited options. This has made the framework easy to implement and immensely popular among app developers.
The tool is ideal for developing Android and iOS platform apps and also reduces development time while providing great options for users with customizations. Its pre-build functionalities and pre-existing templates such as direct integration with Segment and Smooch have contributed to its immense popularity.

3. Xamarin

The Microsoft-backed is among the top choices of app developers in any mobile app development company in India and beyond simply because of its C# codebase that makes it easy to code for Windows, Android and iOS apps easily. The tool’s code sharing options across platforms lets the same codes be used by developers reducing work load and development timeframe.

Xamarin also comes empowered with UI controls that frees developers from having to use extra UI options. It’s integrated SDK lets the apps get updated automatically in according to the OS on which the app is operating. Being an open source platform, Xamarin has a great collection of UI components, 3rd-party web services, UI controls and libraries, all of which enable any developer to build apps of any configuration. The best part about the tool is that Xamarin is associated with Azure that ensures top level app security.

4. Appcelerator

Appcelerator as the name suggests helps in accelerating app development be it native or hybrid apps. The speed of execution when using the tool is behind its immense popularity among all groups of app developers. Being an open platform, users and app developers can sell templates, extensions and modules while also sharing them.

The tool is the best choice for quick app development using JavaScript and offers a schema-less database with ArrowDB that lets developers deploy data models without any pre-empted efforts. Its pre-built integration with MS Azure, Salesforce, MS SQL, MongoDB and Box enhances app features and security.

5. React Native

Developed by Facebook, this open-source, cross-platform application follows the “learn once, write everywhere” protocol. With JavaScript as its base language, it also offers developers to build native functionalities. After coding, developers can easily port them to both Android and iOS platforms using the same base code. Despite this feature, apps built on this platform always have a native app look and feel that only adds to enhance user-experience.

The tools help developers in quick prototyping. It is a brilliant choice for any agile developer as it is easy to learn and get started especially for those with a knack for JS.

6. Flutter

Flutter is a hot favorite among app developers as it enables faster and dynamic app development. It is more like the React framework as it has ready-to-use 2-dimensional rendering options, tools and widgets all of which lets designers and developers build, test and debug apps with utmost ease.

Its hot reload puts the source files into its DVB (Dart Virtual Machine) for better app development. The widget tree is automatically rebuilt by letting you see the effects of the last changes made. The rich widget has features to build icons, for scrolling, fonts and many more to develop feature-rich Android and iOS apps.

7. Sencha

An online JavaScript tool, Sencha is used to design, develop and subsequently test mobile apps. The main purpose of the tool is to find out if the app responds as being high-quality responsive to any screen size which is crucial to initiate great user-experience. The tool supports all types of mobile app development for the latest versions of Android, iOS and Blackberry devices.

In terms of other functionalities, Sencha has ExtJS that is very similar to React Native with the difference being that it has a visual application builder for HTML5 that has custom component reusability. ,

8. Apache Cordova (Phone Gap)

Phone Gap is often among the first choices of app developers as a free cross-platform app development tool. It offers FOSS environment for cross-platform app developments and has debuggers, compliers and also tools for testing. The platform uses critical technologies like CSS3, HTML and of course JavaScript.

It is also enriched with a wide range of plugins that include Media Recorder Plugin, Image Capture Plugin and many more. These plugins help operate some of the latest features in smartphones like GPS, camera, sound, accelerometer and others. Cordova also supports all in-application purchases made at App Store and Google Play Store. Cordova is an immense tool for designers with expertise in front-end technologies. The 3rd-party cache support and graphic accelerator further speeds up apps for better user-experience.

9. Felgo

An easy to use cross-platform SDK, Felgo works on the famous Qt framework which is a well-known C++ structure. The framework is enriched as a game app development tool with analytical tools and plugins for making in-app purchases. Felgo is fast becoming popular among the new generation of app developers as there are no charges to be paid for no profits earned.

10. Android Studio

We cannot end the list without this favorite granddad of all android app tools – the Android Studio! Known as the official developer environment for Google’s android operating system, the studio has a myriad of features and a must-have for those providing Android development services. These include intelligent code editor, flexible build system, APK analyzer, real-time profiler, fast emulator and real-time profiler.

Android Studio can be used to play multiple roles in developing an app, much like a Swiss army knife! Being a complier, it lets you create file system that’ll let you arrange the app project for creating multiple APK files. The tool studio acts as a language editor including the Android SDK.


With mobile apps fast becoming the go-to method of online businesses and services, modern app developers need the best technology and tools at their disposal to build stimulating dynamic apps. As a frontline mobile app development services in India, you need to choose the right tool for apps as per their specifications, platform and functional details. Make the most of the open-source tools available in the market to make engaging apps for the mobile and the web.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and we’re sure to update your opinion in our next blog on the topic!


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