Ways You Can Generate More Leads on LinkedIn

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Ways You Can Generate More Leads on LinkedIn
Jul18, 2019

Ways You Can Generate More Leads on LinkedIn

Did you know that on LinkedIn, there are more than 433 million profiles? And that these people work and live in more than 200 countries?
One of the most underrated social media platforms is LinkedIn. But if you’re here for business, let me tell you: this platform has a HUGE potential!
So, here’s the question: How can you generate leads for your business on LinkedIn?
Do you buy them?
Blackmail them? (Free tip: No!)
Or, do you approach them with a well-thought and proven strategy?

B2B Linkedin

A number of online platforms and social media channels are there to help you in increasing your brand value, generating leads and getting more sales. However, today, we’ll focus only on LinkedIn and talk about the ways you can make the most of this less discovered platform.
This platform is GREAT! It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or a big organization – it works for all.
So let’s tell you how you can generate leads on LinkedIn, more than you can even imagine! Read on.

1. Optimize your profile

Want to get connected with people whom you don’t know? Then the first thing that you need to do is optimize your LinkedIn profile.
Think about this scenario: You get a connection request from a person you don’t know. What would you do then?
You’ll go to that person’s profile and if you see that an unprofessional selfie is that person’s profile picture or that the bio of that person consists just two-three words, would you accept that invitation?
No, right?
The same goes for your own LinkedIn profile as well.

profile Strength

So, what do you need to do?
Fill out your profile completely until LinkedIn calls it an All-Star profile. Upload a professional picture with a smiling face. Add a descriptive bio along with a profile summary. Optimize your skills, add your accomplishments and you’re on the race again!

2. Create a group of your own

Do you know that creating your own LinkedIn group can help you in building authority and generating some more leads? Well, yes!
And the best part?
It’s quite easy to create one.
You need to decide your target audience and your group niche. For example, if you provide marketing services, create a group for marketing professionals. There’s “Work” on your top menu. Click on it and select “Group” from the drop-down menu.

profile Strength

A new page will open, where you have to click on “create a new group” and fill out the form that’ll appear. Once done, click on “create”.

And you’re all set to share popular content in your group and invite potential leads!

3. Take help of plugins

here is no doubt in the fact that LinkedIn is a great lead generation tool. However, you can make it more powerful by integrating complementary add-ons. Have a look:



If you are one of those Gmail users who browse in Chrome or Firefox, then this tool may come handy to you. You can get a list of Skype accounts, Twitter handles, LinkedIn profiles and more that have been made with the email addresses in your contacts. All you need to do is download it first and then run it.
Content is king! Without a great caption, none of your ads, stories and posts would get clicked. Right? This is where Headlinr comes into the picture. It is a paid plugin, with the help of which you can automatically generate tons of popular headline combinations containing the keywords that you have specified.
LinkedIn Connection Revealer
Don’t you think that sometimes it can be quite hard to spot an influencer on LinkedIn? Because their number of connections could be anywhere between 501 and 501000 and their profile would still display “500+ connections”.
The solution?
Take help of LinkedIn Connection Revealer tool, as it can tell you exactly how huge of a network your first level connections have.
Great, isn’t it?

4. Create a list of your potential clients

Now that your group is all set and you’ve posted some content there, it’s time that you pay focus on bringing in the leads. Try to create a list of 500 to 1000 potential leads at first.

potential client

Seems like a lot?
Well, it’s quite easy with LinkedIn’s built-in search function.
Use the advanced search filters and find the top potential leads for your business. Once you have reached your target, it’s time to start connecting.

5. Start getting connected with the people on your list

Let’s be honest with you: This is going to take a lot of time.
But, trust us, your hard work is going to pay off.
You can send out connection requests to all the members on your list with a personalized and simple message. Remember: Don’t overdo it. Once they accept your invitation, you can send them a thank you message.

6. Engage with your group members on a regular basis

This is where you start engaging with your audience. Try to publish articles on LinkedIn every day. Your posts should be such that it adds value to your connections. If someone reaches out to you with a query, answer them.


When you publish a post on LinkedIn, it shows in the news feed of your connections. This will give your profile the much-needed attention.
Spend a couple of months engaging with the members of your group and building a rapport.
Once the groundwork is done, you can host a webinar. Make sure to invite the entire group.
If your engagement with your audience has been successful, you’ll have a high turnout rate. Also, with little effort, you’ll be able to convert a large portion of your LinkedIn group.

It’s YOUR turn NOW
Generating leads through LinkedIn and converting them to sales don’t happen overnight. You need to work for it. It can take months before you can actually see the results. But, it’s worth the time!
And, if you follow these tips properly, this is possibly the most effective strategy in online marketing for generating leads.
So get up and start now!

Do you need any help in generating more leads through LinkedIn? Digital Aptech can help. Contact us now!


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