Top 7 Ways Google Analytics Can Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

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Top 7 Ways Google Analytics Can Accelerate the Growth of Your Business
May23, 2019

Top 7 Ways Google Analytics Can Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

Do you have an online business? Great! Have you ever wondered exactly how many visitors are coming to your site every day? How many of them are leaving midway? How many of them are getting converted? Or, what is the bounce rate? Well, you may know that tracking all these developments can seem almost impossible. And this is exactly where web analytics comes into play. With web analytics, you get to make educated changes to your website depending on real data. In today’s business world, web analytics has become very important to keep your online business on track. You can understand your customers better and make all the necessary improvements to grow your business. One such web analytics tool is Google Analytics that lets you monitor the progress as well as the performance of your website closely.

So, what exactly can Google Analytics helps your business with? Read on.

1. Know what your users are looking for

Does your website consist of multiple products or services and a number of pages? Are you curious about what exactly are your users searching for on your website? Well, Google Analytics is the answer. With this analytics tool, you can have the right information about what your visitors are looking for on your site. You can use this information to improve the user engagement by adding more targeted content as well as useful information.

2. Track the bounce rate

Bounce Rate

Don’t have a clear idea of what the bounce rate is? Well, when a visitor comes to your site and leaves the page without clicking any link on that page or taking any action, it is regarded as a bounce. To calculate the bounce rate, you have to divide the total bounces by the total visits on your website. If you find that the bounce rate is high, know that your visitors are not getting what they are looking for. In that case, you need to take necessary steps to improve your visitors’ website journey experience.

3. Examine the traffic flow to your site

Now, who doesn’t want to know where the incoming traffic to their websites is coming from? Of course, everyone does! With Google Analytics, you can see which links your visitors clicked on, how they moved through your site and how they made purchases. This way, you can evaluate the incoming traffic depending on factors such as location, gender and the age of your visitors. This, in turn, lets you cater to the specific requirements of your customers.

4. Analyze the performance of your content

What would you do if you find an online shop that is full of products and devoid of content? Boring, right? The same thing applies to your website also. If you have an online shop, make sure to update the content regularly and monitor the productivity of each post effectively. With content analysis, you get to know which content is liked by the highest number of visitors and is getting the highest number of comments. You will get to have some valuable insights into the conversion rate of your posts and write your content likewise to increase sales.

5. Create targeted campaigns

Targeted Campaign

As Google Analytics offers you a detailed analysis of who your visitors are, how they behave on your site and what their location is, you can create targeted campaigns with a particular user segment in focus with ease. Also, you get to make informed decisions regarding marketing channels, content marketing, conversion optimization and offers or promotions.

6. Monitor the performance of your ads

Your business can reach heights of success through online advertising. Of course, it depends on how effective your ad campaign is. With advertising analytics, you get to track different advertising channels such as social ads, banner ads, display ads, search ads and affiliates. This way, you will get to know which keyword terms have better conversion rates.

7. Track your campaign

Track Your Campaign

Want to reach target goals for your business? Opting for a digital marketing campaign is a great way to do that. With Google Analytics, you can have a useful campaign tracking feature that lets you measure which campaigns can drive converting customers. For instance, you can use the Google Analytics tool to track a particular online advertising or promotion campaign on your site. This way, you can know exactly how many conversions are the results of these marketing campaigns.

Haven’t you set up Google Analytics on your site yet? Then you are not tracking the success of your site properly. So set it up and make sure to monitor the activity at least once a month and see your online business grow.


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