Top 7 Benefits of Gamification in Training

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Top 7 Benefits of Gamification in Training
Apr24, 2018

Top 7 Benefits of Gamification in Training

Has it ever happened to you that you have attended a corporate training program and found yourself completely disengaged from it? Ever have a question in mind that “Isn’t there any better way to train people than the boring one?” If your answer to both these questions is “Yes”, then let me ask you, “Why do you want a different way to get trained? Is it because of the mundane training program? Or, because the approach to the training was wrong, resulting in not even a little bit of connection with you?” Well, whatever the reason is, there is a solution. And that is the use of gamification in corporate training.

So, what exactly is gamification in learning?

Well, it refers to the integration of gaming elements into the learning in order to craft a highly engaging as well as effective learning experience. In a controlled environment, gamification challenges them with real-life situations. When gamification is used properly, it can actually encourage the learners to apply their learning to the job.

What are the benefits of gamification in business training?

1. Employee recognition

Now, we all love getting recognised. Don’t we? The case is the same with the employees. They love it when they get recognized for the tasks they have done and the efforts they have given. With interesting game mechanics, gamification can ensure it. Traditional corporate training lacks the recognition as well as the sense of satisfaction that is present in gamification.

2. Increased employee engagement

Do you know that the most important assets of a company are their engaged employees? Yes! According to a research, workers who are engaged are about 87% less likely to leave, perform about 20% better and try about 57% harder. This leads to a profitable as well as a well-run organization. Of course, companies have a hard time keeping its employees completely engaged. According to a study, only about 13% of employees are engaged in their work. Companies can use tried-and-true principles of gaming with gamification such as accumulating achievements, status as well as rewards in order to encourage workers to prioritize productivity along with collaboration.

3. Appreciates healthy competition

Training with gamification includes a number of game elements such as score points and leaderboards ensuring a healthy competition among the learners. This is absent in traditional business training. If your employees get to learn through competition, it will help them in better retention of the content.

4. Develops specific skills

Companies can focus on developing or improving special skills of their team members, all thanks to gamification! Incorporating gamification in training programs will make the employees improve their skills in a number of areas including stress management, leadership, negotiation skills and communication skills.

5. Attracts the millennial workforce

There can be seen an increase in the millennial workforce globally. This group of corporate learners does not find the traditional training process interesting. They need a training process that is quite different from the traditional one and this is exactly where gamification fits their needs. It helps the learners relate well to the training.

6. Engaging learning environment

The learning environment that is provided by gamification is far better than the traditional one. It is safe, effective and informal, along with being apt for learning. Gamification in learning allows the learners to place themselves in circumstances that are quite similar to the situations in real life. Also, the decisions that are made by them here help them a lot in retaining knowledge.

7. Enhances knowledge retention

Using gamification in learning makes the whole process a lot of fun. This helps in increasing the level of knowledge retention. The learners take part in the process more actively. When a positive experience like this is created, you can expect a bigger impact on the memory of the learner. Chances are that they remember everything that they are taught at the time of training. However, they may not realize it.

You can implement gamification in all the areas of training such as skill building, inductions and compliance. In order to suit the needs of your company, you can blend it with other methods of training as well. Gamification in learning can help you bring your vision of excellence for your company to life.


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