The 6 Most Interesting EdTech Trends Of 2023

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The 6 Most Interesting EdTech Trends Of 2023
Feb16, 2023

The 6 Most Interesting EdTech Trends Of 2023

The EdTech industry will likely grow over $450 billion in the coming three years. More organizations are getting into EdTech and making the most out of it. Now is the time of trends, and keeping up with them is the only way to get the most out of this rapidly growing industry.
What does 2023 hold for the EdTech Industry?
As we move into 2023, organizations have pulled their socks up to dive into what the ear is about to bring. They are using technology to its maximum potential encouraging a more holistic learning process. This piece will discuss the popular trends we will see in 2023.

1. Gamification:

Gamification is one of the newest trends in the E-Learning sector. It involves game designs and plays, making the experience more engaging. This year, we are likely to see a rise in this, and it will include simulations, VR, and mobile gaming to help learn better.

2. Personalization:

With data analytics and machine learning, e-learning portals determine student interests, education styles and more. This data is then further used to develop a student-specific learning programme. This way, the student learns the way it works best for them.
Using big data allows students also to allow self-paced learning. Speaking of personalization, getting a high-quality platform development company is extremely important to ensure the users get the best learning experience.

3. Transforming the classroom:

E-Learning organizations now have included AR and VR in their process, especially in their classroom. This allows students to have an interactive, immersive to make the teachings more memorable. This also has a CSR aspect where AR and VR are used to teach students with disabilities.

4. Usage of AI:

AI is being incorporated everywhere lately, with its popularity also on the rise. AI-powered learning will be used extensively in 2023. It will help online learning while creating a personalized and engaged setting.

5. Courses Going Online:

Education is now majorly happening online and is likely to grow even further. With E-Learning, students can have access to education anytime, anywhere. These learning modules are also compatible with most devices like laptops, tablets and phones to allow easy access.
E-Learning platforms also allow higher student-teacher interaction. It builds a collaborative environment where students can immerse themselves in discussions and collaborative projects.

6. Microlearning is the new trend:

It’s no surprise that the attention span is dropping. Microlearning is a way to break lessons down into smaller sections, which are usually 10 minutes at maximum. With video content reducing its length, education, too, is going that route.
Microlearning creates shorter, more digestible content. This learning module will become a popular form of mobile learning in 2023.
If you are also planning to venture into the EdTech domain, ensure that you implement these trends. Quality IT solution companies like Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd. Can assist you in fulfilling these trends. Following these trends, the right way will allow your brand to grow exponentially this year.


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