Role & Character of Customer Engagement in Mobile Commerce

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Role & Character of Customer Engagement in Mobile Commerce
Jul08, 2021

Role & Character of Customer Engagement in Mobile Commerce

As a form of digital commerce, mobile commerce or m-commerce enables buyers to carry out online shopping on their handheld devices through in-app purchases, virtual marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and more, do mobile banking, digital wallet transactions. M-commerce has come to assume huge importance that is evident from the fact that mobile devices account for more than 20% of retail businesses in the US. When compared to retail ecommerce ventures, mobile commerce is experiencing an exponential growth especially from the time that the Pandemic hit the world.

The key to booming m-commerce business is high customer engagement which is the direct interaction between users and the business mobile app. Users find it easier and more convenient to take up any buying action through business apps. It is important to note that 73% of people indicate the quality of customer engagement as the primary factor determining their purchasing decision. In fact, highly engaged customers not just buy products from mobile apps but they also promote them and express loyalty towards them.

Knowing customer engagement

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Customer engagement can thus be defined as the emotional connect between brand and its customer. Fully engaged customers contribute more revenue than those going through average experiences. These are happy customers that connect both online and offline through different platforms encouraging further business growth ensuring higher returns. Solutions built with customer experience and customer engagement in mind act as the frontend store with apt backend platforms for retails and B2B commerce.

With secure content delivery becoming faster and scalable every day, m-commerce is here to surpass e-commerce in the days to come. So, not having the right customer experience and engagement in place is sure to cost in terms of business opportunities and increased returns.

Getting customer engagement right

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Several elements, both online and offline are needed to create solutions offering optimal engagement to customers thus, ensuring their conversion. Strategic customer experience designing keeping the specific business model in mind is the starting point in initiating such experiences. It is crucial to have clear vision of how the customer is going to connect using the frontend that is the result of using the apt knowledge, tool and skills. It is equally important to give them the right support using appropriate architecture that holds the solution together.

Importance of customer engagement

This all-encompassing importance of customer engagement can be seen from the facts that:

    ➢ Increasing customer engagement can prevent 84% of buyers from abandoning an m-commerce application over simple issues like returning a product. The right connect between the brand and the client can impact a relationship for lifetime. Connecting with the client emotionally increases customer lifetime value 4x more than anything else.

    ➢ Engaged customers are like mini brand ambassadors spread across demography influencing generations of present and future customers. They share their experiences and advocate for or against the brand – all of which is the result of customer experience.

    ➢ Customers who have forged emotional relationships with brands are sure to go beyond making mere transactional purchases to bond stronger with it. Statistics show that highly engaged consumers are 5x more attached to the same brand for future transactions.

Retaining client engagement

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Here are some ways of ensuring maximum customer engagement for higher revenues:

    • Keep app navigation, browsing back and forth and checkout as simple as possible.
    • Assist the customer to navigate through the application in the process of product search.
    • Help customer use filters to avoid going through a labyrinth of products.
    • Provide visual tools to assist in the shopping experience.
    • Ensure minimal confusion during checkout process.
    • Enable multiple payment options and gateways for easy transaction.
    • Use live chat options to provide support any time.

These and many other options like providing consumers with latest brand range and benefits proactively plays a crucial role in providing quality customer experience and engagement. Getting regular feedback from them will also go a long way in ensuring that they are still happy with you and flagging areas of concern.

To conclude

At the core of it all lies identifying the customer persona and building an app that fulfils the exact expectations and goes even beyond. This is possible only when digital commerce solutions are built using business genre-relevant platforms and architecture with complete expertise.

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