Managed AWS Single Serve Hosting By Digital Aptech Private Limited

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Managed AWS Single Serve Hosting By Digital Aptech Private Limited
Apr19, 2021

Managed AWS Single Serve Hosting By Digital Aptech Private Limited

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is THE leading platform that offers web hosting of websites and web applications for small and mid-sized businesses at low costs. There are a wide range of hosting options available that lets everyone make the right pick as per business needs and budget allocations.

Why opt for DAPL managed AWS hosting services?

At Digital Aptech Private Limited, we help businesses manage AWS cloud hosting and build scalable and customized web applications at affordable costs. Our experts help bridge the gap between the hosting technicalities without you having to engage a systems administrator. We simplify the process of hosting for your business and maximize your website’s performance.

We take care of all technicalities and make the AWS deployment super quick and easy so that you have no reason to fret over any of it. Subsequent to the hosting process, you have the complete assurance of the uncomplicated AWS cloud server management by our focused team. We take total responsibility to utilize the advanced cache technologies of the optimized AWS web hosting servers to give your business the unmatched experience that you’re looking for.

Advantages of using the platform

AWS is the world’s biggest internet hosting platform right now with giants like Facebook and Amazon being hosted on it. The hosting service of the platform offers unmatched performance despite the amazingly high traffic to applications and websites. Managed AWS hosting services is best suited for all types of high-traffic business websites that call for reliability and high-performance. We make it possible for your business to leverage the power of AWS hosting when you need to scale up on the Amazon cloud server. You can use any PHP framework to launch your custom PHP application and install the framework.

High-performance assured

Our AWS technical experts are available 24/7 to resolve any hosting concerns that you may have to keep your business website up and running round the clock. We take care to maintain a streamlined flow of work by assigning specific roles to team members giving each of them granular controls that help prioritize tasks. The overall result is finely managed AWS hosting services from DAPL that keeps businesses running optimally.

We assure you of robust business website and application performance with the optimized stack and pre-configured industry-standard resources giving the best managed AWS cloud hosting services. With the single invoice input for both the AWS hosting and our managed services, you have less worries about billing hassles and can concentrate more on your business operations.

Impeccable security layer added

Our AWS hosting experts ensure that your Amazon web server is protected by a dedicated firewall that will allow traffic flow only from approved ports. All security measures we take on behalf of your website and application are supported and in keeping with AWS’s internal infrastructure. This helps add an extra layer of security to your applications running on the AWS platform.


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