Locked Indoors Because of Coronavirus? 5 Ways to Work Effectively from Home

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Locked Indoors Because of Coronavirus?  5 Ways to Work Effectively from Home
Mar27, 2020

Locked Indoors Because of Coronavirus? 5 Ways to Work Effectively from Home

Has the deadly COVID-19 locked you indoors? Are you practicing social distancing? Well, this coronavirus outbreak has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. Many businesses – small, medium and large – have closed their doors and provided their employees with the benefit of working from them. And Digital Aptech is one of them. Has your company provided you with the same benefit? Are you working from home? If your answer to both these questions is “yes”, then great! We are in this together.

Now, are you new to the concept of remote working? Or, is this the first time that you’re working from home? Not sure how to manage things? Fret not. I’m here to share with you some awesome tips that will make your work from home experience productive as well as successful! Read on.

  1. 1. Have a dedicated workspace

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    Do you have a guest room or a spare room? Then you can easily transform it into an effective workspace. Don’t have any extra room where you can set up your office? Well, you can use the corner of your bedroom or your living room. Creating a dedicated workspace is really important for an effective work from home process. When you use that particular area, it will automatically switch your mind to work mode.

  3. 2. Set dedicated working hours

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    I know you’ll be tempted to squeeze in some extra hours of sleep in the morning or take that afternoon nap after your lunch. But hold on. When you’re working from home or providing remote IT service, you need to have dedicated work timing. Tell your family members or others in your home not to disturb you during those hours. Also, this will be helpful for your team members, as they will know when you’re available.

  5. 3. Create a to-do list

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    The COVID-19 has created a huge business crisis, especially in the field of information technology. Many businesses are running at a loss. Project managers are panicking, as they’re not sure if they can deliver the work to the clients within the deadline. This is where creating a to-do list becomes important. Every day, before starting your work, discuss with your project manager and create a list of work that you need to complete by the end of that day. This way, all the work will be done within deadlines and you’ll have happy clients.

  7. 4. Make use of the cloud and communication tools

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    Are you already flooded with emails? As you can’t just hop on to your colleague’s desk for a quick query as you used to do in the office, you’ll receive loads of emails every day. Want to avoid this situation? Make complete use of communication tools such as Skype. Interact with your colleagues there and ask work-related queries. Also, in order to make sure that your team members can view your work, create all your documents on the cloud. Sounds good?

  9. 5. Deal with the distractions well

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    I understand, as you’re working from home, you’ll have distractions. And now, when we’re practicing social distancing because of coronavirus and all the family members are staying at home, the chances of getting distracted are high. So, during your working hours, don’t interact with the other people in the house much and concentrate on your work.

    Start following these ultimate work from home tips today!

    At Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd., we provide our clients with top-notch IT services. And we’re providing uninterrupted services during this COVID-19 breakdown as well. If you have an IT firm and looking to partner with a renowned company for all your IT design and development work at this moment of crisis, we can help. Hire our remote resources at 25% off!


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