Is Cloud Gaming Really the Future of the Gaming Industry?

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Is Cloud Gaming Really the Future of the Gaming Industry?
Jul17, 2018

Is Cloud Gaming Really the Future of the Gaming Industry?

Love games? Great! Do you know where the game industry is headed? Well, with companies such as Netflix leading the way, the movie and the TV industry have already started moving to the cloud. It is true that the gaming industry is a little behind the curve but the same trend is going to begin in this industry also. And it can be said that more change is on the way, as hinted by some cloud computing companies recently.

Now you may ask, “What is cloud gaming?” Well, cloud-based games work in the same way as the TV streaming technology. Here, the idea is that all or most of the computing that is necessary to render a game is done in the data centre. And it is through a high-speed internet connection that the game is streamed back to the player on a computer, TV as well as other supported devices.

What is the future of cloud gaming?

Here why cloud based gaming is here to make a new future for the 75 billion-dollar industry:

1. Play games on any OS and device

At present, most of the non-mobile and high-end games are chained to consoles or PCs (often Windows). With cloud gaming, games will become more platform-independent, enabling tablets and PCs to run Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows RT as well as other operating systems to play games that might otherwise run only on windows.

2. No more expensive upgrades

Cloud gaming will not require you to upgrade your console or PC. You can use your existing hardware. Also, if you want, you can buy an inexpensive controller and a streaming box and plug into your home network and television.

3. Integrate gaming into Television

TV manufacturers will be able to integrate support for cloud-gaming services into their smart TVs. You don’t need to buy an expensive and powerful gaming hardware. All you need is correct software along with a controller. This eliminates the need for any additional boxes.

4. Easy viewing

The viewership will change too. What if you could tune into multiple games at the same time? As there is a possibility of everyone being connected to the cloud, it provides the gaming enthusiasts with the opportunity to stream their favourite gaming matches on demand.

5. Digital Rights Management

Instead of running the games on your own computer, if they run on remote servers, they would be almost impossible to pirate. This makes the cloud gaming all the more attractive to publishers.

6. More storage space

Because of the storage issue, you may obsessively throw away thousands of games. This will be a thing of the past once you become a cloud gamer. With cloud gaming, the space of the open storage is expected to become triple fold.

A few years back, the two leading cloud gaming companies were OnLive and Gaikai. Sony bought OnLive and then shut it down. The latter was also bought by Sony and merged into their PlayStation division. Both of them had a limited audience at that time. But now, cloud gaming is about to get a serious upgrade – all thanks to the announcement made by Microsoft to join the market.

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