Improve Your SEO with Digital PR

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Improve Your SEO with Digital PR
Mar15, 2019

Improve Your SEO with Digital PR

Are you a business owner worried about the fact that your website is not there on the top 3 in Google search results? Then Digital PR is the golden ticket that you need right now.

What is Digital PR?

It’s all about gaining high-quality backlinks from online publications and websites and honest customer reviews (hopefully good). With Digital PR, you get to reach your target customers by featuring your business on social media accounts they love, podcasts they listen and websites they read. It can get you five-star reviews on Amazon and Google. So, to enhance your website’s ranking and search engine visibility, all you need is Digital PR!

digital pr strategy

Do you own a local business? If so, create a well-planned Digital PR strategy to focus on your business to get featured on online publications that write about your local area. These could be anything – from local blogs written by local bloggers and local newspaper websites to the sponsorship of local charities or events and reviews from local people who have bought products from you.

Digital PR and Traditional PR – the Difference

Traditional PR includes networking with journalists. The main objective behind this is to get featured in print publications. There was a time when the main aim of a publicist specializing in traditional PR was to promote their clients’ products and services on television or radio and in newspapers or magazines.

Traditional PR vs Digital PR

Digital PR, on the other hand, is an evolved form of PR. It doesn’t target print publications. Instead, it focuses on brand awareness and online publications. This includes online press releases, publishing articles online, affiliate marketing, working with influencers and bloggers on product reviews, using social media to gain exposure, nurturing content writing contacts and journalists to secure press hits and building brand trust through online reviews.

How Can Digital PR Benefit Your Business?

More website traffic

Digital PR offers both direct and indirect benefits to your business. Make sure to set goals for your Digital PR campaign before you start. This way you’ll be able to track how well your campaign is performing. Now, let’s look at the top benefits your business will get from a Digital PR campaign.

  • More Website Traffic

The more people will get to know about your business on social media and share your content, the more they will visit your website. It’s like a wildfire, but you need to light it first!

  • Enhanced SEO and Rankings

If you publish your content on high authority websites and get links to the website from there, you have a great chance of ranking high on Google search results page for your targeted keywords. And as you already know, if you are on top, traffic will definitely come to your website. Sounds good?

  • Increased Leads

With a well-thought Digital PR strategy, your products can be placed in front of an interested and relevant audience. The more the people will read about your products and click on your website link, the more the chances of generating leads will be. Isn’t that what you want?

  • Build Brand Trust

The team of Digital PR makes sure that your customers see only the good things when they search about your company on Google. If you create interesting and engaging content and secure impartial and positive reviews, it will improve your brand’s image over time. High-quality, useful articles that are SEO-friendly will give the search engines the idea that your business is a trustworthy source of information. Also, if you can make bloggers review your products and services, it will increase your customers’ trust in your brand.

  • Boost Your Sales

When you are creating a Digital PR strategy, you expect that you will make a large number of sales and see a substantial amount of ROI from your investment in digital marketing. Right? So create a good Digital PR campaign that has the ability to generate leads. And the content on your website should channel those leads via a conversion funnel, finally converting them into paying customers.

Do you want Digital Aptech to create your Digital PR strategy? Feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help!


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