Importance of Agile to Manage Hybrid Teams

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Importance of Agile to Manage Hybrid Teams
May07, 2021

Importance of Agile to Manage Hybrid Teams

Agile methodology is known to have several advantages over and above conventional methods of project management. Given the changing scenario of how teams operate under the changed circumstances, Hybrid Teams are fast becoming integral to how IT companys work. Using the Agile method is helping manage Hybrid Teams more efficiently as they continue to be increasingly effective in their endeavor to deliver best quality solutions within stipulated timeframes.

Agile Methodology Characteristics

The Agile method is focused on getting the work that counts done accurately and timely. The Agile team works iteratively to complete work in short cycles where parts of the total project are completed at a time. The focus is on planning and executing part of the total work, assess progress and outcome, and continue further after collecting positive feedback.

The best part of working with this methodology is that there is more productive outcome and less wastage of work. Breaking down of the project to manageable smaller parts helps teams prioritize important sections, work on them successfully and move forward. Teams are not over-burdened as they need not backtrack and start all over again after having gone down too far with a project. Splitting a large-sized project to smaller parts helps it to be represented visually and evaluated properly before putting together all of these parts to form the successful whole solution.

The Agile process places

    > People ahead of tools and processes
    > Collaboration over negotiation
    > Solution over documentation
    > Smooth management over planning

It is normal for software solutions to take not just weeks but months to reach its successful completion. It’s only normal for the changes to occur due to alterations in business requirements or amending of technology. Applying the Agile Method ensures that there are fewer such changes and faster completion of project keeping a tight control on project costs.

hybrid team work process

Hybrid team efficacy

Hybrid Team is one that has people working remotely and in the office-set as co-workers. In the current scenario, it is normal for Hybrid Teams to have a co-worker sitting at the far end of a geographic boundary or across demography. The team operates with flexible work arrangements that let co-workers choose personal work setting preferences while working in unison with the rest.

Such teams are an indispensable part of the IT workforce today and the model is here to stay in the future. There are several reasons as to why IT companies are going all out to maintain Hybrid Teams. Top reasons for working with Hybrid Teams include:

    > Top talent globally accessible
    > Affordable for startups
    > Flexibility enhances productivity
    > Happier team

Given that Millennials and Gen-Z are set to be the future IT workforce; these are human resources that are digital natives and known to value freedom and flexibility over traditional job setups. Though it is an excellent opportunity for companies to make use of best global talents through Hybrid Teams, there remain several challenges in running them as cohesive and successful teams.

Agile-Hybrid Team efficacy

Agile teams adopt collaborative approach to work that fosters higher efficiency and better team spirit. There is a ripple effect on the entire team that moves forward in unison taking forward a steady cycle of production and subsequent product release. An Agile team remains interconnected all through the development process, taking one characteristic feed to the next seamlessly.

The thrust of the Agile-Hybrid team is to get the right people on the team and help them work together for a specific solution with proper individual interaction. With the Agile method following a set plan for a part of the solution, and even in case of change of plan, they respond better with less reworking involved. Following this methodology naturally helps in maintaining better cohesiveness of the Hybrid Team taking it forward more smoothly.

Optimal team management

One of the key advantages of going by the Agile Methodology is that of adapting to changes seen and unforeseen. It is not possible for project managers to foresee future changes, but, the team is able to adapt to any such changes as and when they occur in an Agile team. Newly inducted Hybrid team players are able to flow with the team tide quickly and more smoothly in the Agile-Hybrid team model. With tasks being broken down into smaller parts and each individual playing a specific role in the team, members get to work individually while contributing to the big picture solution.

Customer collaboration and contract negotiation are important to the scope of any project. Having an Agile-Hybrid Team to work for a business helps maintain it better as each part is completed as per prior specification by teams working on designated responsibilities. All of it means, customers get just the solution that they are looking for within the stipulated timeframe.

Another important aspect of going by the Hybrid Team working with the Agile Methodology is that there is better employer-employee trust and fostering of such relationship. It is difficult to monitor team members working virtually spread across locations. But with the Agile method of work, Hybrid Team members have the full autonomy to carry out designated responsibilities. They get the opportunities to work to the best of their abilities at their convenience delivering high standard solutions within earmarked timeframes. Overall results – better output and enhanced employer-employee relationship!

Summing up

Result-based culture is best suited for maintaining an optimally productive Hybrid Team and this can be best attained when following the Agile Methodology. There is more emphasis on productivity and less on where and when they are doing it. Such a fully functional Hybrid Team following the Agile Methodology can help minimize and even eliminate information blind spots with their increased visible productivity while remaining interconnected with remote team members.


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