How Technology is changing the Restaurant Industry

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How Technology is changing the Restaurant Industry
Mar25, 2021

How Technology is changing the Restaurant Industry

Food and technology are no longer different aspects of life spectrum but have joined hands to initiate awesome dining experiences. Use of technology is no longer restricted to use of gadgets in the kitchen but is far wider going beyond smart coffee machines, ovens and dishwashers. In fact, the entire restaurant industry is benefiting from the use of technology in the food industry.

Dining experiences have becoming faster, hassle-free and more convenient using technology. Use of high-level restaurant tech has 2 sides to it: one is the customer experience part and the other is that of the streamlining of food business process. Here’s a guide to how both customers and food businesses immensely benefit from the use of technology.

Self-service kiosks

Self-service kiosks let guests place customized orders using these gadgets or tabs at their convenience. The idea is to optimize the entire ordering process without having to wait for servers/attendants to come and take the order. Guests, on their parts can sit back and relax as they make up their minds to order as per taste and choice. While dining, guests can use this technology to order more food as per requirement and also pay as per convenience instead of having to wait for availability of servers.

The process also helps streamline overall functioning of the restaurant, freeing workers to concentrate on food preparation and customer service interactions for better satisfaction.

Contactless payment options

Recent times have seen rising trends of making payments using mobile wallets and other contactless processes. Post dining, guests can make payments just by clicking on the link sent by the restaurant that gives them options of paying using wallets or cards. There are also the options of paying by credit and debit cards that uses the NFC or near field communication technology. Initially developed to make easy and speed up payment processes, this technology has come in immensely handy in situations as in present times when restaurants are trying to provide best services while maintaining minimal contact.

Home meal plan boxes

Having to keep up with the rapid pace of life leaves most people with very little time to shop for groceries and plan meals with a variety for all 7 days of the week. On subscription to such meal boxes, providers of services pack the all necessary ingredients for the meal along with the recipe in the box. These meal boxes can also be customized as per subscribers’ choice giving them greater variety when it comes to cooking meals. The system functions much like weekly or monthly subscription to any services with the option to choose number of meal boxes and also customization of the boxes.

Food delivery services

Food Delivery Services have become an integral part of modern life and living. Now a days apps development companies are providing various food delivery apps to the restaurant industry . Apps of food delivery companies let people order dishes of their choice from restaurants listed with them at prices mentioned. The entire process makes use of several technologies including GPS that let customers know the current status of their order, pick-up personnel’s availability, their current locations and estimated time of delivery. Technology has made ordering food and enjoying meals any place and at any time just a matter of using of finger tips!

Online order for in-person pickup

Restaurants are now offering customers the option of ordering their favorite dishes, paying for them online and collecting them at a convenient time. All of this is facilitated through ordering apps that are easily navigable and offer optimal customer order experience. This mode of operation has helped restaurants continue with normal business even in times of stringent social distancing and other strictures. A lot of small restaurants serving quality food are immensely benefiting from this system as they need not invest in doing up impressive indoors as part of competition strategy.

Moreover, the apps server as customer data base that the business can continue to woo with offers and discounts on special occasions. People too can continue to enjoy their favorite food without having to pay anything extra as food delivery charges.

Custom software solutions

Software development companies and providers of IoT development services are giving the restaurant industry several solutions to develop customized and streamlined processes. The overall aim is to provide guests with better services and also streamline, optimize and make cost-effective, all internal operations.

From effective data analytics systems that monitor peak hour operation to those that track most popular and in-demand dishes to those that schedule shifts, there are a range of customized technological solutions revolutionizing the restaurant industry. Restaurants can now run at its best without having to invest on increasing personnel for better operations. Routine tasks like scheduling managing employees, scheduling shifts, track working hours and manage payrolls are all taken care of by automated systems. Data analytical tools survey sales and point out best selling dishes during peak hours to help enhance revenues.

Tracking of inventory and supplies, placing newer orders can all be taken care of by such customized solutions as many restaurants are already doing. All of these solutions help reduce cost of having to maintain multiple vendors and suppliers.

The overall effect of using technology in the food industry is reduced conflicts in restaurant operations allowing business owners to devote more time to the restaurant and customer satisfaction rather than running it smoothly.


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