How IoT is Transforming the Automotive Industry

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How IoT is Transforming the Automotive Industry
Aug07, 2018

How IoT is Transforming the Automotive Industry

In a connecting manner, the internet of things (IoT) is changing the whole world. By connecting things, the world is getting smaller and smaller. The IoT wave of connectivity has already started impacting the retail, agriculture and the healthcare industry and the automotive industry is no exception to it. The combination of mobile apps and IoT gadgets in vehicles is gaining a lot of popularity among both car manufacturers and consumers. This is because it offers a number of opportunities as well as functionalities. According to a study, there will be about 300 million connected cars by the year 2025. So how will IoT transform the automotive industry or what are the uses of IoT in the automotive industry? Come, let’s find out:

1. Enhanced control over driving and vehicle status

Installed on vehicles, telematics devices offer insights as well as real-time information about the habits of the driver and the health of the vehicle. These devices are actually smart cloud-connected IoT boxes. Want to know how these devices function? Well, they communicate with a set of smart sensors that are installed on various parts of a car such as engine, doors, tires and windows. And they monitor as well as report the status of the vehicle constantly.

If a mobile app interacts with the telematics system, it can work as a digital assistant thereby alerting the drivers in real-time about various events including the usage of the seatbelt, sharp cornering, speeding and over-acceleration.

internet of things applications –

  • With Chrysler’s UConnect app, you can remotely monitor as well as control the maintenance of your car. This app lets you know about the monthly health report of your car and in case your car needs critical maintenance, it sends you an alert that your car needs immediate attention.
  • With EcoDrive app, you get to monitor your driving habits in real-time. This includes changing gears, acceleration, speed variation and deceleration. Also, in order to help you in assessing your safe driving skills, it provides you with a score.

2. Driverless cars

IoT has made it possible to build cars that drive itself or driverless cars. Sounds cool, isn’t it? In this car, there would be 90% programming and 10% equipment. They would be connected with everything – from vehicle to driver, vehicle to cloud and vehicle to vehicle. There would be no need of a driver to be involved directly. Cars would be connected with the help of software which is presently in the process of being perfected. This is definitely great news especially for people who do not like driving. In the future, driving a car would be such as delight! You would have applications on the dashboard that would give your activity reports, ongoing excursion reports as well as hand signal sensors in order to help you prevent counteract mishaps, most recent gaming frameworks in order to offer Wi-Fi hotspots and in-car gaming and speech-to-text functionality in order to prevent the difficulties of typing.

3. Improved security and access

As IoT enables each and every part of your vehicle to be connected to the internet, you can have both remote access and control over the functionality of your vehicle with your smartphone when you are busy doing some other important tasks. This includes the lights, windows, ignition, trunk – everything!

Some internet of things real-time applications include –

  • Viper SmartStart lets you integrate IoT with legacy technology. What is this Viper SmartStart? Well, it comes with a kit that includes a mobile app and IoT gadgets. With the mobile app, you can have complete control over your vehicle. Once you install the IoT devices in your vehicle, you can make use of the SmartStart app in order to unlock, lock as well as locate your car with a single tap and swipe on your phone.
  • Do you own a BMW? Then there’s good news for you! With My BMW Remote App, you can remotely lock or unlock your car, flash the lights, sound the horn and turn the ventilation or auxiliary heating system on.
  • Tapkey has created an app with the help of which you can transform your Smartphone into a car key and easily as well as securely grant vehicle access to others. You can have your lock registered with another phone and if you lose your phone, you can introduce your new phone by logging into a cloud app though that phone. In case someone breaks into your car, smart car alarms will send an alert to your smartphone. And if your car gets stolen, you can track it through its GPS device and find it with the help of your mobile app.

4. Avoid congestion and traffic

Don’t you get frustrated if you have to attend an important meeting and you get stuck in the traffic? Well, now you can avoid this situation with IoT and save fuel and time as well. The IoT sensors not only track but also report commuting in real-time. This way, you get to plan your trip and avoid congestion by taking a lesser-known route.

5. Improved vehicle safety

One of the most important opportunities that the combination of IoT and vehicles provides is the safety. IoT not only promotes safe driving, but also assists drivers in avoiding road accidents. Connected cars can detect when the drivers are veering off the road by interacting with IoT sensors installed on the roads and can alert them to steer back on the road. The semi and fully autonomous cars can take matters into its hands in case the driver doesn’t respond and correct the direction of the vehicle. If you enter into a particularly dangerous zone, the connected vehicles will communicate with local sensors and gateways directly, retrieve data about the condition of the road and alert you apart from instructing you to slow down.

With IoT, you can have your car in your pocket! At Digital Aptech, we develop top-notch solutions for IoT problems. Want to talk to us? Give us a call now!


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