How Electric Cars are Transforming the Vehicle Industry

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How Electric Cars are Transforming the Vehicle Industry
Oct17, 2019

How Electric Cars are Transforming the Vehicle Industry

The motor industry has been through a lot of changes in recent years. With rapidly developing technology, a more environmentally conscious world and eye-catching designs, a new era of electric cars has been born. The rise of electric cars has paved the way to a greener future. They are practical, fun and connected. There are many people out there who want to buy electric cars but hesitate because of the lack of information they have regarding these cars.

Are you one of them? Then fret not, as we’re here to help you with all the information you need to know about this new addition to the motor industry.

How do electric cars or vehicles work?

Electric cars don’t have a fuel tank. Instead, they have an on-board battery that gets charged with the help of electricity supply. Then, that energy is stored and used in order to power an electric motor and set the wheels in motion. These cars don’t have a gearbox, clutch or an exhaust pipe. This makes them much quieter. Also, some say that they are smoother to drive. If you charge it fully, it can run about 400 kilometers at a stretch.
Are you’re interested in buying Electronic Vehicles (EVs), but concerned about finding a nearby car charging station? Then there’s good news for you! Here we’ve listed some of the most helpful mobile apps for EV owners. Read on.

  • ChargePoint
  • ChargePoint

    With this app, you can find the nearest available units that are there within the ChargePoint network. Also, it enables you to browse stations from other networks. Do you know what the best part of this app is? Well, you can initiate as well as pay for charging just by tapping your phone against a charging station. And you get to receive real-time updates regarding your car’s status. Last but not the least, you can use this app to connect and control a ChargePoint home charging station. Cool, right?

  • PlugShare
  • PlugShare

    PlugShare helps you in locating the charging stations all around the world. Also, you get to find some important details such as the kinds of plugs the stations support and much more! For level 1 and level 2 charging, cars like the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf use the same plug, but for level 3 fast charging, they support different standards. This app is the favorite of the most electric car owners, as not only the community is mature, but also the stations generally come with location photos, detailed descriptions along with available amenities while charging including restaurants, public Wi-Fi and restrooms.

  • Tesla
  • Tesla

    Do you own a Tesla car? Then you’ll definitely want to download the company’s app! With this app, you get to find any of the Tesla Supercharger fast-charging stations that are located at about 1386 places globally. Monitor the entire charging process and receive notifications when your car is fully charged. And the most exciting part? Well, while leaving your car with a valet, you can restrict access to the glove compartment and the trunk and even unlock your car with your phone, and remotely switch on the climate control or vent the sunroof. Isn’t that awesome?

  • ChargeHub
  • Compared to PlugShare, the interface of ChargeHub is quite cleaner. However, the community is smaller and there is no such difference in the core feature set. This means you’ll get less information on the available charging stations, as they rely on user-generated content. With this app, you get to find charging stations as well as accessories that can assist you in managing and powering your electric car at home.

  • EVgo
  • EvGO

    The charging network of EVgo boasts 1050 DC fast chargers at about 700 stations. Their app helps electric car owners to locate charging stations and pay the charging costs with ease. By installing this app, you’ll be able to get real-time information on the availability of nearby charging points with turn-by-turn directions to a specific unit. With just a simple swipe of your phone, you can initiate a charge. Also, you get to manage your accounts and contact the customer service directly from the mobile app.

    What is the future of electric cars?

    As said at the beginning of this post, it’s quite clear that we’re entering a new age of electric cars. The cost to make them, the infrastructure to support them and the charging stations to charge them – all are in the way of getting improved in the next few years. Many will opt for electric vehicles in the coming years and energy companies as well as governments are setting big goals to make that happen. The UK and France are already planning to ban the sales of diesel and petrol cars by the year 2040. The German government is planning a complete move from gasoline and diesel to electric in the near future. In Denmark, you’ll find more electric car charging stations than petrol stations. Want to join the bandwagon and save the environment? Go for electric vehicles.

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