How DAPL Can Help Build Hybrid-based Scrum Team

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How DAPL Can Help Build Hybrid-based Scrum Team
May31, 2021

How DAPL Can Help Build Hybrid-based Scrum Team

The way that the IT world works has evolved over the past few years resulting in better and enhanced productivity. Hybrid working teams are not just the reigning work culture across the globe but, also the emerging future. These teams take on shared and independent responsibilities of projects on which they work with complete transparency using the Scrum methodology. The Hybrid-based Scrum teams working remotely are among the most fruitful and productive resources bringing out stellar customized solutions.

Why use Hybrid-based Scrum team support?

hybrid team work process

Companies having Hybrid teams allow employees to choose their working space with control over the hours of work. The teams are facilitated with the right resources, technology and support. Common messaging sharing, project updating and video conferencing platforms that also enable sharing of files and documents along with good internet connectivity are at the operation kernel of the team. These are small teams comprising of 5-9 members depending on the project and its complexities. Adept team leadership takes charge of operation processes that individual members carry out independently as well as in sync with the rest of the team.

Using the Scrum methodology is all about self-organizing teams that are engaged in delivering working software solutions at regular intervals. It is not just about putting together people that can deliver the project but it involves a process of teamwork that play’s on each other’s strengths. There is a continuous focus on learning and improvement that helps build and deliver optimal solutions.

Teams following the Scrum methodology work with only a few set of rules, as this framework provides flexible guidelines that let members adapt according to the specific project development environment and their needs. It is the flexibility that makes this module of working appealing across teams and clients for whom they work.

Digital Aptech Hybrid-based Scrum team advantage

hybrid team work process

Digital Aptech Private Limited (DAPL) is a full-stack development company with excellent Hybrid-Scrum team resources that have been helping small and medium-sized companies attain their digital solutions. We offer Hybrid-Based Scrum teams for an array of digital development processes across the globe to build high-quality yet cost-effective solutions. With flexibility at its core, our Hybrid-based Scrum remote teams can work on all types of software development projects for clients located anywhere across the globe.

For startups & small businesses:

As a full-stack company with rich Hybrid-Scrum resources, DAPL can best help you develop solutions where requirements are not clearly defined. Startups and small businesses very often have a general vision of their products but lack the clear picture. This naturally makes it difficult to estimate both the scope and costs of the project when working with conventional methodologies. We can help you build a customized team that will adapt to evolving requirements for a dream project with undefined scopes.

Changes are anticipated during the development cycle even when requirements are outlined at the very outset. Evolving technologies can affect a product mid-cycle or even in its final stages. Having a smart Hybrid-Scrum team makes it easy to accommodate changes at any time of the development cycle.

High-end development team at hand:

Solutions that offer your clients ease-of-use usually involve complex development technology. Making use of DAPL’s resources can help you put together right resources as the Hybrid-Scrum team that is capable of building such solutions. Our teams are well-equipped to handle all types of complex projects as they break down the task iteratively and incrementally. Our resources are adept at working on the task piece by piece and adapting as they go instead of trying to anticipate all requirements at the onset.

Cost-effective customized solutions:

Startup and small businesses are tight on budget and at the same time need best-in-class solutions to give their operations a head start. Getting the right professionals to have the task done is easier when you opt for the dedicated hiring module that works as a Hybrid-Scrum team. DAPL not only has the right resources but offers them at affordable hourly hire terms that help speed up work and deliver high-quality solutions.

Pick the right people for your Hybrid-Scrum team

hybrid team work process

We offer you to build high-performing Hybrid-Scrum team by bringing together the right people. Our resources stand out for being

• Collectively accountable for your project

• Autonomous and self-organizing with a single project vision

• Cross-functional and balanced workforce

• Full-time resources in sync with each other

Our resources are trained to value relationship over and above mere processes which is why we have a track record of maintaining highly successful Hybrid-Scrum teams. As dedicated resources, they continue to work on your project work devoting full energy into the sprint.
DAPL teams are known for their productivity as they are less distracted and better poised to work on specific tasks of the sprint. Employing the Hybrid model of work, we have access to the best pool of talents trained on a wide spectrum of technology capable of providing full-stack solutions. As happy team members, they assure you of smooth project execution eliminating possible delays due to attrition.

We can help shorten development cycle with our incremental approach as our Scrum teams receive and act on feedback faster. Multiple and shorter releases allow them to gather your feedback during the development process that enables them to learn and adapt for the rest of the cycle.

Another key attribute of our teams is that of maintaining complete transparency of operation. As a client, you are likely to play an active role of a collaborator during the development process where you remain updated on every work done through the same communication platform used by the team. This will go a long way in aligning your expectations about the product, its goal and requirements.

Summing it up

hybrid team work process

At Digital Aptech Private Limited, each of our members are trained to be effective collaborators of the Hybrid-Scrum team. Developers as professionals are the heart of the Hybrid-based Scrum team. You as our client are set to actively take part in this process of collaboration where each member of the team shares a sense of ownership of the project.

We look forward to provide you the best-in-class Hybrid-based Scrum team with

high morale, a sense of purpose and high-productivity!


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