How Can Staff Augmentation Benefit IT Startups?

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How Can Staff Augmentation Benefit IT Startups?
Aug15, 2019

How Can Staff Augmentation Benefit IT Startups?

What is staff augmentation? What are the processes involved in it? Can a startup really benefit from it? If so, then how? If you’re looking answers to these questions, let me tell you, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, I’m going to discuss all you need to know about staff augmentation and the many ways it can benefit your startup.

Staff augmentation service is getting more and more recognition these days and it’s not a new concept anymore. It’s a B2B service provided by renowned digital agencies with the intention to supplement the need of a resource of a client’s company. In this age of technological advancement, hiring an in-house employee is not the only option. You can now build remote teams internationally with utmost ease and without any risk. This is especially true for IT and software development companies. These days, more and more businesses are switching from traditional in-house teams to dedicated remote teams and staff augmentation.

Steps to Take Before Hiring a Resource Outsourcing Agency

Is this the first time that you’re planning to take help of a resource outsourcing agency? Are you confused about what steps to take? Fret not. Follow the steps below and get the best-suited developer or any other resource for your IT startup:

1. Be clear about your requirement

Before you start searching for an augmented staff for your start-up, it’s extremely important for you to know whom to look for. Create a note on how many candidates you need for your agency and what are the specific skills that they should possess. Also, don’t forget to mention the levels of expertise and years of experience.

2. Review and selection

Once you’re clear about what type of employee you want, it’s time that you begin your search process. This is where staff augmentation service providing companies come into the picture. And one such company is Digital Aptech. Once you come to us with your requirement, we do all the hard work for you. We select the best employees according to your requirement and arrange interviews with you. This is to make sure that the resource you hire fits your requirement as well as your organization the best.

3. Integration of new team members

Once the interview and selection processes are completed and the agreement is signed, it’s time for you to add those new members to your team. It is during this time when they get to know your in-house team, become a part of your organization’s work environment and add excellent value to the projects that they’re assigned.

Now, as a Startup, How Can You Benefit from Staff Augmentation?

  • Support from the entire vendor company
  • At Digital Aptech, we do design, web development, mobile development, branding and marketing. If you partner with our company for staff augmentation, you can always talk to our experts about any of these services. So with staff augmentation, what you’re actually getting is an extension of the work that you’re already doing. With experts in different technologies onboard, you’ll surely be able to take your business venture to the next level. Do you know what the best part about getting our staff augmentation service is? As we hire only the top talents, you get the best talent too!

  • Lower development cost
  • Resource process outsourcing in India is already popular because of the cost-saving benefit it provides. Now you may ask “how?” Compared to western countries, the development cost in India is a lot lower. And so are the other costs such as taxes, equipment, office space and so on. So the bottom line is, if you want to cut down your development costs, the best way to do that is to go for staff augmentation.

  • Focused work
  • Not paying attention to office politics and focusing only on professional objectivity – sounds amazing, right? When you’re going for staff augmentation, you’re only opting for the expertise and skills that you need for your company and not for kitchen chit-chat! This is great for your startup.

  • Less legal headache
  • Hiring resources always involves legal responsibilities and a lot of paperwork such as payroll, taxes and employee benefits. When you go for staff augmentation, the outsourcing company takes care of all these things as they act as the official employer of your hired developers.

  • Less recruitment time
  • Experts with rare skills and technological knowledge are difficult to find for in-house employment. Are you ready to suffer losses if the recruitment process takes months? If not, then staff augmentation can be of great help in this regard, as you can hire your needed expert from any part of the world in record time.

  • Secured flexibility
  • Do you have a major project in line? Then staff augmentation can become a silver bullet for your startup! You don’t have to worry at all even if there is an unexpected workload looming ahead. With staff augmentation, you can add people with the required skill set to your existing team in a matter of days. You can now take up projects of virtually any size as well as complexity. This is a huge advantage for IT companies, especially startups.

  • Proper staff management
  • With staff augmentation, you can have more control over your startup’s workflow and the team. This allows you to handle the management operations yourself, giving you more authority than leaving the team management to the staff augmentation service providing company. You can take actions immediately by monitoring team efforts as well as the development process.

    Do You Need Staff Augmentation Service for Your Startup?

    Staff augmentation can do wonders for your startup. Are you willing to join the bandwagon and take full advantage of this awesome service? Digital Aptech is here to fulfil all your team augmentation needs. Contact us now!


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