How Can AR and VR Help the Manufacturing Industry?

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How Can AR and VR Help the Manufacturing Industry?
Oct31, 2019

How Can AR and VR Help the Manufacturing Industry?

In this age of digitization, the technologies that have the greatest potential are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Don’t have a clear idea about these two? Fret not. We’re here to help. VR is such as technology that makes it possible for you to move around 360° in the virtual world. You not only get to observe this world from all perspectives, but also, in some cases, interact with this world. Of course, you’ll need VR glasses for this. Sounds fun? AR is somewhat different from VR. With AR, you need to be at a specific location in order to augment your experience of reality. It will enrich you with useful information depending on your location. But, with VR, you can immerse completely in a virtual world, regardless of the location.

Now that you know what AR and VR actually are, let’s tell you how these two technologies are transforming the manufacturing industry. Read on.

Augmented Reality in the Manufacturing Industry

  • Production
  • ChargePoint

    Whether you’re manufacturing jet engines or toys, all your products need to follow a set of assembly instructions, right? You need to put together thousands of components or parts in a precise order. And that too, as fast as possible. This is where AR is being used to make the entire process simpler and faster than before.

  • Employee training
  • By making use of Artificial Intelligence in training, your employees get to learn complex concepts easily with vivid representations. On-job training can be carried out effectively, without fearing mistakes.

  • Quality assurance (QA)
  • Do you want your product to be a hit? Then make sure that they go through rigorous QA. For this, you require human vision so that they can identify if there is any problem. Things can be different by making use of AR. With Augmented Reality digital overlays, products can be projected and inefficiencies can be identified easily. Technicians will be able to identify even the most minor issues with complete accuracy and speed.

    Virtual Reality in the Manufacturing Industry

  • Research and design
  • How do you start the design process? By reviewing the project’s plans, goals as well as materials, right? Only after these factors are determined, your design team starts building a prototype after which that is reviewed for errors, defects or other issues, isn’t it? Well, this is the process if you go with the traditional manufacturing process. This whole process involves a huge amount of money. This is where VR can come to your rescue and make the entire research and design process easy and fun.

  • Training protocols
  • ChargePoint

    Another way virtual reality is enhancing the manufacturing sector is by maintaining compliance as well as visibility through training protocols. You can now train your employees in a digital environment. This allows for proactive training of scenarios such as what-if and many other, thereby reducing injuries, incidents and delays in production.

  • Review of workflows and benchmarking
  • In order to gain success, predictive analytics have become essential. Agree? You can make use of VR to not only review workflows, but also improve the benchmarking processes. You get to see what’s going on, modify your workers’ responsibilities and look for ways that can save you money. Sounds good, isn’t it?
    Virtual and Augmented Reality are like blessings to the manufacturing industry. They can help in reducing cost and visualise products faster than ever before. Want to know more? Contact us!


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