Digital Aptech – The Finalist of the “Agency of the Future Award 2020”

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Digital Aptech
Digital Aptech – The Finalist of the “Agency of the Future Award 2020”
Feb20, 2020

Digital Aptech – The Finalist of the “Agency of the Future Award 2020”

We are delighted to announce that Digital Aptech is adjudicated as the finalist of the “Agency of the Future Award” at B2B Marketing Expo, London, UK, 2020!

The event is to be held on the 25th and 26th of March, 2020. You can meet us there at stand number 1208 and talk about all things digital. Also, you’ll get to find new business possibilities! Sounds exciting?

Why the “Agency of the Future Award” is special?

Digital agencies play a fundamental role in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. And this award recognizes just that! B2B and B2C service providing agencies from all over the world took part in this competition. This includes media, PR, advertising, digital and full-service agencies. The finalists are those chosen agencies that demonstrate a future-proof strategy for their clients and deliver creativity and innovation in order to generate success for them.

And we are truly pleased to be one of the finalists!

Now, let’s give you a brief about the B2B Marketing Expo 2020:

B2B Marketing Expo 2020

This is one of Europe’s largest marketing events. Here, the proactive marketing professionals such as you, get the chance to connect with the right techniques, tools and innovations. You need these to be at the forefront of the ever-changing world of marketing.

At the B2B Marketing Expo 2020, you can get ideas and advice from the industry experts in a variety of topics ranging from AR, VR, automation, promotional branding, software development and media intelligence to social search, visual presentation, outsourcing, AI, data and more. Sounds good?

Attendees at the B2B Marketing Expo 2020

  • CMOs
  • Marketing Directors
  • Creative Marketing Directors
  • Heads of Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Directors
  • Agency Marketing Professionals

Give our stand number 1208 a visit and we’ll discuss topics such as Mobile Apps Development, Ecommerce, AR/VR Technology, Digital Marketing and much more!

There is a constant technological advancement and fierce competition going on in the marketing industry. And if you get to know about this industry from the experts, there’s nothing more satisfying! The B2B Marketing Expo 2020 presents you with the opportunity to meet the suppliers, speakers and exhibitors from all over the world. You’ll get valuable business insights and suggestions from them that will help you shape the future of your business – just the way you wanted!

Ready to take your business to the next BIG level?

Join us at the B2B Marketing Expo 2020 in London on 25th and 26th March 2020 at stand number 1208!


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