Can Mobile Games Benefit Older People?

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Can Mobile Games Benefit Older People?
Apr26, 2018

Can Mobile Games Benefit Older People?

Who can ignore the benefits of technology? No one! And among all of them, the contribution of smartphones along with their related applications can be regarded as one of the most important ones. The use of smartphones has made our everyday chores a lot more manageable and easier. And not to mention how it has revolutionized gaming and communication and changed the way how we used to pass our time! One such example is the games for old people.

There are many challenges that ageing adults face such as declining cognitive and physical abilities, loss of social support and companions, changing lifestyles, loss of professional identity and the increasing possibilities of developing a debilitating and chronic disease. Senile dementia and Alzheimer are some common examples of how memory loss can have a huge negative effect on the everyday life of the elderly and their caregivers. This is the best time to introduce the senior members of your family to the boon of technology via mobile phone games.

So how can mobile games benefit the elderly? Let’s find out:

1. No more boredom

Exposing the elderly to mobile games will help them in getting rid of boredom. If they use the gaming apps that are offered by Android and iOS, it will help them in passing their time and they will become more aware and alert because of the mental challenges present in these games.

2. More interaction with others

Gaming can be regarded as a social activity. Why? Well, there are a lot of mobile games out there that require multiple players. Older adults can choose to play some of those games and enjoy their time. According to a study, senior citizens who maintain or increase social interaction have less physical and cognitive limitations. Games for elderly can not only improve the health of older adults, but also encourage them in meeting people with similar interests, strengthen friendships and have a lot of fun. Now, isn’t that something you want for your grandma or grandpa?

3. Familiar with the latest technology

These days, many seniors are embracing the traits of the younger generation. According to a study, people above 65 years of age can be considered as the fastest-growing group on social media. The older adults are making use of the latest technologies in order to play games, read, communicate and stream movies.

A healthy mind

Mobile games can keep the minds of the elderly sharp. Playing games on mobile phones not only helps in improving hand-eye coordination but also increases mental sharpness. According to a research, after playing mobile games, seniors have a boost in brain activity that is similar to younger people. Of course, a sharp mind is not the only benefit – they will be happy overall. If reports are to be believed, seniors who play mobile games have higher levels of well-being, social functioning, positive mood and a lot better self-reported health compared to non-gamers.

Here is a list of games that are loved by seniors:

1. Blocks Burst: An excellent stress reliever, Blocks Burst lets you break adjacent blocks

2. Crossword Puzzle: You may have already heard the name! This classic game helps in improving vocabulary

3. Unblock Me: Well, this is a challenging game, which is simple at the same time. It stimulates your brain to think out of the box

4. Fruit Ninja: This is a stress buster where you have to slice fruits that are tossed on the mobile screen

5. Solitaire: An all-time favourite game of adults, Solitaire helps them to stay mentally active

6. Sudoku Master: This is a number placement game with the aim to keep your math alive

Well, these games can be easily learnt by the elderly. They can use it as a great way to keep themselves mentally active, busy and in touch with the modern technology. Have a game idea in mind? Contact us today and let’s see how we can help!


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