Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Android

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Android
Apr08, 2021

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Android

Android Google as the name suggests, comes from the tech giant Google LLC. Android Operating System is immensely popular across the globe and it’s evident from the fact that Google Play Store offers more than 2 million apps to download and install in devices running on it. A wide range of devices run on this OS including smartphones, tablets, watches, audio players, TVs and PCs.

Like all good things, this popular OS has its advantages and disadvantages that we’ll explore in this blog.

Advantages of Google Android

• Android is an open-source platform allowing UI customization

Licensed under Apache, Android is an open source operating system whose codes developers can change to build customized User Interface. App developers building applications for this platform can get access to the core codes and are at a liberty to change the them to get the customized outcomes. This is not possible when it comes to iOS and app have to strictly adhere to the core code specifications when developing apps for the specific platform.

• Supports cloud storage enabling sync of devices with G-account

Since Android is a Google product, users having Gmail account can have access to cloud storage that are supported by the tech company. This means that users can sync devices using Google accounts. Moreover, Google gives 15GB of free cloud storage to every user that is good for an average person using it for personal purposes.

• Continual improvement & removal of old features

Google Android is supported by a huge community of developers and also users who continue to give feedback about the features, their pros and cons. As a result, there is continuous check on the codes and features, making modifications and alterations, bringing in better upgrades all the time. This is one of the reasons why Android is always adding new features while removing older ones that users do not like.

• Supports 3rd party widget & information display on screen

Android gives users the freedom to download 3rd party widgets and also display their content on the home screen. If a user wishes to view time and temperature shown by a specific widget on the home screen, it is possible with devices running on the platform.

• Supports running multiple apps simultaneously

With Android running on a device with good hardware specification, as a user you can have multiple apps running simultaneously. You can continue to listen to music as you check your messages or download files that you’ve received or even upload them from your device or drive. There are a lot of Android app development companies who build applications based on Android that are very useful in our daily lives.

• Expandable memory & runs on affordable large devices

One of the biggest advantages of using devices running on Android platform is that it supports expandable memory. iOS devices on the other hand do not support external memory expansion by adding memory card to the phone. Users of this platform enjoy the privilege of storing e-books, music, videos and games on their devices.

• Wide range of devices to choose from

Android users are spoilt for choice of smartphone devices of different prices. There is something for people across all budget spectrum when it comes to smartphones running on Android. Almost all companies build devices that support Android platform giving users multiple options when buying. This is something that is very restrictive for Apple users who have to stick to the company’s expensive devices only!

Disadvantages of Google Android

• Runs slow on low-specification devices

Android operating system is huge and occupies a lot of space. This is the reason that phones with low hardware specifications run slow on this OS. Moreover, it comes with several default apps that further slow down the smartphone operation. This leaves no scope of downloading external apps and also leads to heating issues of the device.

• Doesn’t offer premium virus protection

Android doesn’t come with default virus protection like Apple devices but, users need to download anti-virus systems to protect the device from getting affected. A lot apps in Google Play Store may contain viruses that will ultimately affect the device and its operations.

• Apps continue to run in the background

Devices running on older Android versions still have apps running in the background that can also come to the foreground automatically. Newer version of Android of course does not let the apps come to the foreground but if the apps continue to run, it naturally consumes battery power.

• Users boomeranged with ads in apps

Apps that are downloaded from Play Store usually come with a lot of advertisements that users have to put up with while using the application. To experience an ad-free users-experience, you need to buy the license.

• Often totally new app ideas difficult to execute

Apps with totally new ideas have a difficult time entering the Android market as Play Store is already flooded with millions of apps. Companies are often wary of entering the Android market with latest ideas that will make a mark.

• Often apps are bad quality disappointing users

A lot of apps on Play Store come with poor quality and bad user-experience as their only purpose is to earn money through ad display. You may also come across several apps that have not been updated for years that end up affecting the updated operating system.

• Google account mandatory to use Play Store

Android is a Google product and you need a Google account to get access to Play Store and also sync devices of other Google users.

All said and done, Android still continues to be extremely popular among smartphone users worldwide as all types of devices support it. Apps for Android can be customized giving users the effect that they want taking the platform’s popularity further ahead.


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