Advanced Filter Module for Magento 2

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Advanced Filter Module for Magento 2
Oct01, 2019

Advanced Filter Module for Magento 2

So, you have an e-commerce store on Magento 2 platform? Congratulations! Now, are you looking for some useful plugins or extensions that can make your store management easy? If so, then we have good news for you!

At Digital Aptech, we have developed the “Advanced Filter Module” for Magento 2 platform.

With the Advanced Filter Module for Magento 2, you can hide the irrelevant filters under each category of your e-commerce store.
Download link: Click here

How this works?

The Advanced Filter Module for Magento 2 helps you select the relevant filters and deselect or hide the ones that are not required at all. Suppose your e-commerce website sells clothing as well as accessories including makeup products. Now, when you’re on the clothing page, you may want to show filters such as size, price, and color. And when you are on the makeup page, you may want to show filters such as price and size and exclude the color option. This works fine when you’re on the page of an individual category.

But what if you want to create a page for best selling products where there will be mostly clothing and a few makeup products and you want to hide some filters of makeup products as you think that will be irrelevant? This is where Advanced Filter Module comes to your rescue. With this module, you can hide those filters that you think are irrelevant. This is a must-have module for your Magento 2 e-commerce store!

Business value

  • Customer-friendly:
  • Customers don’t need to scroll through the long list of irrelevant filters on each category page

  • Less loading time:
  • As there will be less and relevant filters under each category, the page loading time will decrease

  • Customer satisfaction:
  • The level of customer satisfaction will increase with the use of this module, as they don’t need to spend their valuable time scrolling through the long list of filters. There will only be filters that are relevant.

  • Making shopping easy:
  • By making use of this module, online shopping will become more fun, easier and less time-consuming

    Feature highlights:

  • Enable/Disable from admin:
  • You have all the freedom to use this module to its full potential. This allows you to enable or disable it from the admin panel. This means, you can use it for your current Magento 2 website, and if you don’t require it for your next project, you can disable it from the admin panel and use it for later projects.

  • Hide filters from specific categories:
  • If you don’t want to use any specific filter under a specific category, you can do that with ease using Advanced Filter Module. You’ll get the option to hide filters, where you’ll have to select the ones you want to hide. And it’s done!

  • Select multiple filters to hide:
  • With this module, you can hide not one but multiple filters at a time

  • Select ‘None’ option to not hide any filters:
  • There is also the “None” option in this module, enabling you not to hide any filters.

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