Add Magic to Your Christmas Marketing Campaigns with Augmented Reality

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Add Magic to Your Christmas Marketing Campaigns with Augmented Reality
Nov28, 2019

Add Magic to Your Christmas Marketing Campaigns with Augmented Reality

Do you want to drive more traffic to your business and increase your sales this Christmas? We’re sure you do! Holidays are great opportunities to create stunning marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to give your sales a huge boost. And what’s more profitable than launching such a campaign this Christmas?

Christmas is the time when people turn to social media to share the spirits of this festive season. Also, this is the time when they look for the right Christmas gifts. Want to cash in? Then the sooner you’re ready with your products and services in front of your target audience, the better. And know what? An Augmented Reality (AR) Christmas campaign is all you need to create greater brand engagement as well as word-of-mouth sharing. AR is fun and attracts people’s attention easily. You don’t even need to convince your target audience to engage with it, as they’ll happily do it themselves.

Here, we have shared some ideas that’ll help you to create magical festive experiences to make your customers happy and drive strong results at the same time.

  • Treasure Hunts
  • Use of IoT in healthcare

    Do you own a retail business? Then you can use this idea to its full potential! Enhance the outdoor and indoor spaces of your store with festive treasure hunts. The event attendees or the shoppers can look for interactive clues around your shop and scan them to find Christmas presents, missing elves of Santa or any festive mascot in augmented reality. Once their hunt is complete, they can claim their prize such as unlocking a discount code. This is a fun way to drive traffic to your store, increase the number of purchase with unlockable offers and create an exciting brand experience that’ll leave a long-lasting impression.

  • Christmas Selfies
  • Use of IoT in healthcare

    It’s time to embrace a hit social media trend this Christmas with selfie filters! This entertaining as well as sharable experience is perfect for increasing your brand engagement. Also, this will encourage people to spread the word of your product, brand or service. Let your customers take videos and photos in different festive scenes and share those with their friends. From any touchpoint, these experiences can be launched. It includes print collateral, product packaging, web AR and physical space.

  • Build Your Own Elf or Santa
  • Use of IoT in healthcare

    Let your consumers create their own Augmented Reality experiences this Christmas. For example, you can ask them to colour their paper Elf or Santa and scan them to bring them to life in AR. This exciting and fun experience can be added to anything – from handouts, catalogues and corporate greeting cards to direct mail, tags and more. It’s a powerful way to create brand engagement, especially for continuing to engage your customers post-purchase – as they have fun with the Augmented Reality experience at home and share it with their family and friends.

  • Christmas Tree Decoration
  • Use of IoT in healthcare

    You can put up a Christmas tree anywhere and decorate it the way you like with the help of Augmented Reality. In order to make it attractive to your customers, try to give it a touch of something that can’t be found in the real world – elves that eat candy canes, angels that fly around the tree or something else. Combine it with gifts or products from your own catalogue, leading the users to buy something from your store. Like it?

    Do you want to make use of Augmented Reality in your Christmas campaign? We can help. We are just a call away!


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