A Beginners Guide to get the first 1000 blog subscribers

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A Beginners Guide to get the first 1000 blog subscribers
Feb15, 2022

A Beginners Guide to get the first 1000 blog subscribers

Everybody wants to fetch more traffic for their blog. Did you know writing a blog and driving traffic is both a science and art? Use these cues to get your blog in the limelight. It is no hidden fact that a blog is vital for marketing your business, especially if you are a novice.

Initially, it becomes challenging to get attention, and it might become more tempting for you to give up. However, you should know that it is normal for anything new to take time to accomplish traction, but if you stick to it, you can build a great and loyal audience who would wait to read your blog post.

Listed below are some strategies that can help increase your blog traffic and boost readership:

Every business owner who hosts a blog does experience some frustration when they do not gain appropriate readership. Everybody wants to add readers to the blog magically; the reality is that it takes time and effort to build your blog audience. For some people, it is easy to become frustrated and give up blogging altogether. Still, once you realize the benefits, you will understand that blogs can tremendously impact your business by attracting meaningful traffic to your website. It is an enchanting way of getting more social media audiences and carving out an impression on your prospective customers.

Load your blog with substance

You must update your blog constantly to get more traffic. Prominent search engines like Google give more priority to those websites with fresh content, so if you want to receive more attention from these search engines, you should update your blog weekly. Moreover, it would help to share your blog across various social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google. If you give time and effort to cultivate your network and share great content across social media websites, it can become a top traffic source.

Write enriching titles with a clear niche

The titles you add to your blog post are more significant than even the content. It is so because it helps attract potential readers and help them decide whether they should click on the link and read further. Similarly, your blog readership will go up when you follow the same tactic. Moreover, niche is equally important when you are writing a blog. It is very similar to the magazine titles that cover themes and types of readers and promise them solutions. If your title doesn’t have a clear theme or niche, your audience will get confused and would not like to read further. Before writing a blog, decide on your target audience. An Online marketing service company can counsel you to explain what messages you would like to convey.

Include exciting photos and meaningful keywords

It is a prevalent factor that the heart of SEO is keywords. So one easy way to receive more traffic to your web page is to ensure that each page has an appropriate keyword strategy. It would help to incorporate exciting keywords in the title, the headline, and even the page’s content a few times. The concentration of the keyword will allow Google to determine what the page is about, and it will help more traffic to come to your website straight from the search engines.

Adding pictures to your blog can make it more visually appealing, but you should also include appropriate keywords for better SEO. Similarly, even photos related to a blog post can get better readership. You should make sure that you cannot pull any picture from Google because you can violate and have copyright issues. Instead, opt for royalty-free images.

Why add video?

As you know, Google owns YouTube, so it is one of the primary reasons you will generate more traffic if you have videos in your blog post. Adding videos is in a way supplementing your content and making it both informative and entertaining. Short videos are preferable as audience concentration remains short-spanned.

Investing in promotional hacks is sensible

If you see that your audience is spending a lot of time on Facebook, you should invest in sponsored posts. It will expand your reach considerably. Moreover, you should also conduct giveaways and promotional events so that your readers can win prizes by commenting or sharing your post on social media platforms. You can either give these prices yourself or invite others to donate for your promotional event. Even writing a guest post can help you reach your target audience if the site has a substantial audience.

Have a landing page for blog subscribers

An attractive landing page will persuade readers to subscribe to your site. You dedicate a landing page for them. The page will be devoted to convincing people to come up to your email list. Digital marketing services company India can give you expert guidelines to design your landing page and derive inspiration. However, do not create anything too complicated or detailed; a persuasive and straightforward landing page will do the talking. Once you complete a landing page, it’s time you should start the promotion. You must know that a subscriber landing page is a remarkable destination for blog promotion if you link it with your social media profiles. It will help you drive immense traffic redirecting your readers and encouraging them to comment on your blog post.

In the digital marketing space, an exemplary blog can fetch you many readers and subscribers. In the digital driven world more subscribers mean more business. Hence to proliferate faster, you should follow expert guidelines to enhance blog readers.


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