9 Major Features of Healthcare App Development

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9 Major Features of Healthcare App Development
Jan30, 2023

9 Major Features of Healthcare App Development

Healthcare Industry is witnessing substantial demand for mobile app development. Apple App Store and Android PlayStore have reported total addition of over 50 thousand healthcare apps in 2021.

Healthcare mobile app development services provide easy access to incorporate specific features and requirements. According to a survey, most patients have confirmed the usefulness of healthcare apps for storing and displaying previous ailments and their ongoing treatments when visiting a physician.

Incorporating innovative features will increase the adoption rates of healthcare apps. Here are the top 9 feature that most healthcare organisations are seeking:


1. Gathering Patient Related Information

During a treatment process, an app should be able to collect and store all treatment-related information of a patient for future review. It helps doctors get all the information in one place, saving time.


2. Appointment Scheduling

Most doctors have a hectic schedule, which is why visits by appointments are a mandate. With a healthcare app, you can book these appointments and view vacant slots.
For this, hire a dedicated mobile app development company to build an app that incorporates multiple innovative features.


3. Easy registration, login, and personalisation

A healthcare app should have a user-friendly interface for facilitating registration and login process. 

The faster the process, easier it is to get appointments. Also, secure personal information from external threats and data leakages.


4. Information & Payment Security

Safety and security of patient-related data is essential. Other information may include patient-related treatment records, appointment schedules, additional medical records, and payments.


5. Doctor Database

A database of doctors available area-wise will help patients choose better. The information may contain a doctor’s specialisation, experience, consultation fees, review, appointment schedules, clinic location, etc. 


6. Video Conference

The Covid pandemic has proven usefulness of video conferencing apps in healthcare industry. It significantly reduces risk of infection by staying indoors.

Doctors and patients can interact smoothly using customised video conferencing apps. Patients can eliminate harsh reality of waiting hours in a waiting room for doctor checkups.

Doctors, too, can save themselves from risk of severe infection and increase their productivity. Opt for a skilled mobile app development company to add video conferencing app features.


7. Electronic Prescriptions

Online prescription is a prominent time-saving feature that enables doctors to prescribe medications to patients and facilitates record-keeping. Additionally, show the availability of those medications in nearby geo-located pharmacies.


8. Push Notifications

Use the notification feature of apps for multiple purposes, like reminding patients of any upcoming appointments, doctor availability, etc.


9. Quick Symptom checks and Chat feature

Technologically inclined patients use their smartphones to check for symptoms and their respective medications regularly. Having a verified database of such information is a necessary feature.

Users can search for their symptoms and determine which generic medicines to consume or consult a doctor according to their specialisation. 

Artificial Intelligence can play an essential role in this regard. Chatbots developed using AI can significantly improve the user’s experience and also suggest a patient for appropriate appointments to make.

Chatbots can even direct a patient to consult with a medical practitioner in case of emergencies in the same chat, saving time in the process. If requested, implement file sharing, too, for easy reference enabling better diagnosis.


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Integrate several other features into a healthcare app. Developing a unique solution for diverse ailments and patient requirements is the need of the hour.

Hire an experienced mobile app development company to achieve healthcare goals through custom app development based on patient requirements. Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd. strives toward creating a perfect healthcare app to make humanity live healthier lives.


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