6 Tips to Follow for A Great Social Media Advertising Campaign

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6 Tips to Follow for A Great Social Media Advertising Campaign
Nov20, 2023

6 Tips to Follow for A Great Social Media Advertising Campaign

The social media scene is quite bustling today, thanks to the recent digital revolution. A significant chunk of the world’s population is connected to social media platforms. Businesses are looking for ways to promote themselves and target customers through these platforms.

A Statista report says social media advertising generated US$226 billion in 2022. It is expected to bring in business worth US$385 billion by 2027. Social media is too big a force to ignore for brands. Naturally, to stay ahead in the race and become profitable, it’s crucial to invest in social media promotion.

Are you looking to market your brand on social media channels? Here, we have listed some great tips to help make the task easier.

What Are the Best Tips for Effective Social Media Advertising?

If your brand is considering opting for a social media advertising campaign, you need to follow some easy tips to make it work smoothly. Fix the business objective, choose the platforms, make ads highly personalised, know your target audience, and design mobile-friendly ads.

Also, do not forget to experiment with campaigns and choose between paying for impressions or engagement.

What are the best tips for effective social media advertising
Brands need to follow cutomised advertising plans based on their visibility requirements

Let’s elaborate on each point here:

  • Determine your business objective

    First, understand and assert the goal that you want your brand to achieve through social media ads. Fixing the objective will make it easier to choose the type of ads and the platform and let you develop a suitable campaign. This goal or objective will actually guide you to build the right social media ad strategy.

  • Choose the suitable platforms

    Find out which social media platform your suitable target audience is mostly. Also, check which platform would be best to promote your brand and its offerings. For example, to sell directly to consumers, Facebook and Instagram would be ideal. LinkedIn would be the best to sell to other businesses.

  • Make ads highly personalised

    Try to make your ads look spontaneous. Do not make it seem like you are trying hard to sell something. Design ads that customers can relate to and feel connected to easily. Content creator-based ads do well today. Let your ads feel less like ads and be more authentic.

  • Understand your target audience

    Know who you are aiming to target with your ads. Understanding the audience base is half the battle won. This can help in curating your ad campaign and let your ads work efficiently. Determine the age group, demographics, location, interest, online behaviour, etc, to know your target audience.

  • Make mobile-friendly ads

    Right now, there are over 6.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. More people access social media through smartphones today. Your social media ads should be designed and optimised for small screens and pocket-size devices. Mobile-friendly ads will help you target the massive user base who access social media with their mobile phones.

  • Pay for impressions or engagement

    You need to choose between paying per engagement or per impression. Both impressions and engagement models of ads are valuable for a business. So, you need to choose how you want to pay for your ads. Consider your budget and see which type of ad payment aligns with your business needs.

Where to Find the Best Social Media Advertising Company?

You can find many companies offering online marketing services online. Digital Aptech is a leading agency offering world-class digital marketing services to help brands achieve higher reach and visibility. Digital Aptech comprises a team of certified digital marketing professionals skilled in offering various online marketing services.

where to find the best Social Media Advertising Company
While choosing a social media advertising company do look into the ratings and reviews

Top marketing services include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Email marketing etc.

Hire certified and skilled professionals through the Dedicated Resource Model for improved reach and ROI.

To Conclude

Social media is a powerful tool and the best medium to connect with new and existing customers. Consider these above-mentioned tips and chalk out an appropriate social media ad campaign. Make your brand more recognised and discovered, and bring in the success and growth that it deserves.


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