5 IT Staff Augmentation Services’ Myths That You Should Not Believe

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5 IT Staff Augmentation Services’ Myths That You Should Not Believe
Jan27, 2023

5 IT Staff Augmentation Services’ Myths That You Should Not Believe

The Covid scenario has transformed recruitment and hiring practices significantly. Companies that require additional skilled personnel prefer IT staff augmentation services over outsourcing.

Whether to add a skilled individual for new technology or reduce the in-house developers’ workload, IT staff augmentation services provide additional help while keeping it affordable.

Staff augmentation is not new, but its adoption has remarkably increased recently. However, to clarify some myths surrounding IT staff augmentation services, find below 5 common misunderstandings for better understanding.

1. Myth: IT staff augmentation services are Expensive.

On the contrary, IT staff augmentation services are more cost-effective than setting up an in-house team. In-house employees are associated with many indirect expenditures and overheads like insurance, compensations, infrastructure, training, etc. Overall, these expenses will be considerably higher than an augmented staff, where you just have to pay for the resource.

There are plenty of flexible resource hiring models available. Since companies are not required to pay additional employee benefits, it provides room for utilising those costs for other aspects of business growth.

So, with time, IT staff augmentation services’ charges tend to be highly affordable for startups to well-established businesses.

2. Myth: Severe Communication Issues with Augmented Staff

It is commonly perceived that employees sharing the same physical workspace have smooth communication and are always connected. It does not mention or prove that utilising IT staff augmentation services will render the opposite.

Emerging technological advancements have helped to carve out paths for gap-less long-distance communication. There are advanced tools and platforms to remain connected whenever required.

A project manager can discuss work progress with remote development team members worldwide using the Internet. Monitor the real-time work progress using the latest project management tools. Moreover, high-profile companies like Digital Aptech maintain real-time progress reports and timesheets so you can be assured of getting value for money.

3. Myth: IT staff augmentation services deliver poor quality work.

Statistically, remote developers have more urge to deliver superior productivity with responsibility. Companies offering IT staff augmentation services adapt to work in different time zones and shifts.

Augmented staffs often work comfortably from their premises, which also aids in better output. Further, while hiring each augmented resource, you also get to conduct a personal interview to judge the individual’s abilities, social skills, etc.

Furthermore, it is a misconception that cost-effective options are of inferior quality. It is an advantage of utilising IT staff augmentation services to get the best resources without increasing the business budget.

Augmented staffs have specific skill sets to achieve business objectives within set limits. 

4. Myth: Working from different Timezones hamper IT staff augmentation services

Timezone is not an obstacle anymore regarding project delivery. There may be vast differences location-wise and timezone-wise, but it provides an additional boost to the workforce, surprisingly!

Individuals can have different activity timings or habits. While one resource sleeps, the other might be working. The same stands true for augmented staff too. With this, work on the project never stops, and development jobs always continue.

Clean and clear communication about the scope of project work is enough to remove the hassles with different timezone of the hired developers. This further diminishes the chances of micromanagement, allowing holistic team growth.

5. Myth: IT staff augmentation services are unreliable.

Several myths surround IT staff augmentation services regarding reliability, maintenance and support. Hiring augmented staff does not mean losing the project’s control regarding work progress.

Decide and modify the project’s resources, development, features, technology and testing methods according to changing business needs. Companies can increase or decrease the augmented team accordingly, considering they serve on a contractual basis.

Companies offering IT staff augmentation services provide maintenance and support too.
Therefore, IT staff augmentation services offer flexibility while being cost-effective and high on quality. For short-term to long-term engagement, it can address all business requirements effectively. 

Specifically, skilled augmented staff will boost productivity within a short period. IT staff augmentation services provide efficient hiring solutions and have transformed the HR industry concerning traditional employment.

Often found, immediate staffing requirement is on a short-term basis. In this scenario, IT staff augmentation services excel within the fixed amount of work hours. 

Going for the Best

There are several important factors to check while opting for a company offering IT staff augmentation services. Start awards and affiliations, opting for companies with several awards and affiliations shows the service comes with quality and information security. 

Portfolios and case studies are another criteria for judging the experience of any IT staff augmentation services company. They provide ample information regarding technology, tools, time and project scope. 

Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd. provides the perfect IT staff augmentation services to deliver an affordable and quality output per your business requirements.




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