5 Best Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Conversion Rates with Engaging UX

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5 Best Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Conversion Rates with Engaging UX
Aug18, 2023

5 Best Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Conversion Rates with Engaging UX

A Gartner report of 2020 stated 80% of all B2B sales interactions will occur via digital channels by 2020. The website UX needs to be top-notch to convert more visitors into loyal customers.

More engaging business websites tend to hold visitors’ attention leading to improved customer engagement. This promotes higher conversion rates or, in other words, brings more clients into the sales funnel. Many business owners often opt to redesign their sites to make them attractive and engaging. However, some easy modifications can do the job.

Before going into detail, let’s learn about UX design and CRO.

What is User Experience Design?

User experience design signifies designing a business site in a way to help visitors navigate it smoothly. UX design involves placing certain elements on the site to improve the overall browsing experience.

With a sound UX design, you can enable visitors to explore the website in a hassle-free way. Relevant content, properly-placed CTA buttons, messaging options, and precise navigation tools can improve experience and engagement.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

what is Conversion Rate Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimisation helps yield the highest outcome with the lowest of inputs.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) means improving your website to prompt visitors to take desired actions. The desired action can be subscribing to newsletters, adding to carts, signing up for a service, etc. This can effectively lead to increased conversion of visitors to loyal clients.

With user-friendly website designs, you can improve the UX, which will impact the CRO. Let’s discover how UX practices can promote user engagement and experience for higher CRO.

What are the Best UX Practices to Improve Conversion Rates?

what are the best practices to improve Conversion Rate
Our blog will tell you the best practices to improve Conversion Rates

To enhance the UX and multiply conversion rates, consider creating innovative CTAs, use authentic and relevant images, improve website speed and run user testing. Some other ways include using videos, adding a chatbox, etc.

Let’s find out about these in detail.

  • Develop enticing CTAs

    Clear and precise Call to Action buttons are the key to converting visitors into customers. You need to place the CTA buttons of your website at a strategic location on all pages. It should have attractive colours and action-oriented phrases that shouldn’t exceed 5 words. The appearance and placement of CTA buttons can significantly impact conversion rates.

  • Use authentic images

    Much of your website’s appearance will depend on the images you use. Stock images aren’t always the answer. Try to use authentic and relevant images on each page of the site. Visually appealing images placed along with the content can help in drawing and holding attention. Your website will appear more professional and attractive with the use of right images.

  • Increase website loading speed

    UX experts say your website should load in at most in 3 seconds. Users tend to avoid slow-running websites. Poor website loading speed hinders the number of visits. This will affect the conversion rates of your brand. Also, you need to make sure to have the website mobile-friendly, as most people today use mobile devices for browsing.

    A superior page speed will ensure a lower bounce rate to start with. In turn, your conversion rates will see a positive impact.

  • Consider readability

    Given the reduced attention span in general, people would just skim through the website. They won’t be reading each piece of content on the site. Your website readability will help them easily go through the site. They’ll likely leave if they can’t make the head and tail out of your site. Experts suggest making the font size at least 18 points to help users comprehend body text.

  • Run user testing

    Conduct user testing for your site. Through this test, you can gather crucial feedback from actual users about their experience. You can identify the areas that need your attention for further improvement. Make the necessary changes as per feedback to improve overall UX and user engagement.

To Wrap up

It’s not always necessary to redesign your website. With a few changes in your site, you can be assured of enhanced user experience and conversion rates. Implement these UX practices and witness how your brand’s conversion rates and revenue multiply rapidly.


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