3 Tips to Incorporate AI in Digital Marketing 2020!

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3 Tips to Incorporate AI in Digital Marketing 2020!
Jan16, 2020

3 Tips to Incorporate AI in Digital Marketing 2020!

AI has become quite the buzzword the past few years especially for digital marketers. With the use of AI, marketers today can harness a horde of data that helps them understand their customers like no other. Indeed, one can say AI is like a shrink that penetrates the mind of netizens to know them better.

Now, you might wonder what all the hype of AI with digital marketers is. Well, we’ll tell you! But, before we go on to discuss why artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is so hot, let’s understand what it is in brief!

Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

Use of IoT in healthcare

In layman terms, artificial intelligence uses human intelligence in machine learning to think, rationalize and demonstrate problem-solving abilities to get tasks done. AI uses machine learning algorithms and cross-disciplinary methods using computer science, linguistics, psychology and more to predict, analyze and garner data.

Well, now that you have a brief clue on the enigma that is AI, let’s understand why marketers are so fond of it!

3 Ways Advertisers are using Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

1. Data acquisition via Chatbots

Use of IoT in healthcare

Almost all digital marketing service companies use chatbots in their toolbox. Chatbots are AI-powered bots that offer 24/7 customer service to consumers. These chatbots help in magnifying sales, improving customer service, and offers more engagement than ever before.

Now, these chatbots aren’t simply useful to the consumers. The marketers too enjoy numerous benefits via them:

  • Chatbots help marketers track and analyze customer behavior.
  • They provide insight into customer preferences.
  • They help in understanding the keywords used by producing human-like replies.
  • Thus, when this data is collected, it helps digital marketers understand audience behaviour considerably, and plan their next marketing move with precision.

    2.Content Curation

    Content marketing is primarily for improving search engine optimization. However, developing the right content according to the needs of consumers was quite a chore until the advent of AI. (phew)

    AI uses algorithms to extract user data, which mainly includes buying preferences, demographics, age, habits etc.

    This helps digital marketers understand consumer behavior as well as targeted keywords. So, when these are used wisely in curating SEO optimized content, a website’s visibility doubles up. As a result, conversion increases and so does ROI.

    3.Virtual Assistants and Voice Search

    Use of IoT in healthcare

    With the dominance of mobile in today’s world, numerous digital marketing service companies are emphasizing on giving importance to virtual assistants. In fact, by the year 2022, the Voice search industry is likely to harness a profit of $40 billion. Incredible, right?

    So, naturally, 2020 will see the rise of AI-infused voice assistants like Google, Cortana, Siri and Alexa. After all, today, more and more people are using voice assistants for finding out search enquiries, shopping and more. Thus, digital marketers are configuring and optimizing content to suit the needs of the VA.

    On that note, now that you have discovered how AI is the powerhouse of digital marketers, why don’t you use it on your website? Want to learn how? Well, contact us at Digital Aptech today and let our experts help! Good day!


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