Top 9 Web App Development Trends to follow in 2023

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Top 9 Web App Development Trends to follow in 2023
Dec14, 2022

Top 9 Web App Development Trends to follow in 2023

A web app, is a software application stored on a remote server and accessed over the Internet through a web browser.

For ease of understanding, we have broken down the development process into two parts:
Frontend Development: is generally developed using languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. supported by major browsers.
Backend Development: is usually built using programming stacks like LAMP, MEAN, etc.
Unlike mobile apps, there is no specific SDK for web app development.
Advantages of Web App Development

Currently web apps are gaining popularity due to several reasons, let’s take a look at a few of them:
• Ease of Maintenance: Web apps are easier to maintain compared to desktop apps as identical codes are used across entire applications.
• Independent: These are platform independent as every major operating system support modern browsers. Similarly, platform-specific store approval is also not required. Neither does it require any downloads or updates.
• No Updates Required: Web apps can be updated and released whenever. This means users don’t need to update their apps to continue using them.
• Ease of access: Users can access web apps anytime, anywhere, and also from all devices.
• Cost-Effective: Such apps are also cost-effective to build. Desktop applications require expensive licensing charges, as well as SaaS products, require payments according to usage which a web app does not require.
• Better User Interaction: Compared to any website, web apps are highly user-interactive.

Web app development comes with several other benefits based on the sector and app usage. To accentuate these advantages further, our web development company focuses extensively on quality and innovation.
Latest trends in Web App Development

Here are a few web app development trends that are here to stay. Incorporating these trends is bound to make you popular in a sea of competitors.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Marketing campaigns are coming up with newer ways to include machine learning and natural language processing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already started influencing web apps as well as people’s interaction with products and services. Hence, companies are investing heavily in this advancing technology due to its rich potential.

Every stage of the customer’s journey is improved by the ability to offer more personalised and relevant content at the touch of their fingertips. Artificial Intelligence will also reduce the administrative burden of managing customer information and help users meet their search intent.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is a network of devices ranging from ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial tools, connected over the Internet. These devices are embedded with sensors, software and other technologies for exchanging data with other systems or devices.
It requires minimal human intervention and requires low-cost computing, the cloud, big data, analytics, and mobile technologies. These smart devices can record, monitor, and adjust each interaction between connected things.

Any web development company primarily focuses on rapid IoT development. This enables intelligent appliances to connect to phones, vehicles and security systems building a unique ecosystem. IoT comes in handy while executing several actions like driving a car, cooling your room before you enter and much more.

3. Voice Search

Voice search and digital assistants are becoming popular regularly. They use a natural language understanding (NLU) system to converse. Companies are betting on powerful and affordable AI-powered digital assistant development to offer a seamless experience to their users.
This enhances AI’s market reach beyond its current strongholds in search, customer service and eCommerce. With the increasing demand for voice assistants, various web development companies are running after developing immersive voice interfaces for the web.

4. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Users can view any site without an internet connection using the Progressive Web App tool to provide an offline experience. Browsers download web pages to a cloud-based data store so users can access them on the go.
Since PWAs are built using web technology and components they can be easily used within other applications and can be completed in different programming languages. PWAs provide an optimal mobile user experience that feels incredibly native. So they are one of the best ways to optimally utilise mobile devices, tablets, or laptops.

5. Single Page Application (SPA)

Recently, one of the most significant practices of any web development company has been developing and using single-page applications (SPAs) in browsers. SPA users are easily able to reach on-page content without diversions. This helps improve the user’s experience and avoids distractions.

For example, in Facebook or LinkedIn, a single-page application is a web application with only one HTML file that loads most of the page content and code into the DOM. The rest of the page is loaded dynamically in the background. Hiring a dedicated web development company can further enhance user experience with SPA.

6. Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is implemented using cloud platforms. This reduces the cost of operating and maintaining servers making them immensely popular. Using Serverless technology, a program can be written once and run anywhere as often as needed without having to provision a server.

7. Mobile-friendly Design

By rendering websites in a mobile-friendly way, a mobile-first web application makes them mobile-compatible. Every web application should be responsive and adaptive making it easily accessible and readable across all platforms. As a trustworthy mobile app development company, include Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd.’s superior mobile app development services to make any mobile app user-friendly.

8. Inclusion of eCommerce

eCommerce websites have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Customers prefer a customised and personalised experience while spending their hard-earned money.
Consumers currently use online platforms to connect, communicate and exchange with their social circles. Hiring a dedicated eCommerce development company ensures an online shopping eCommerce website that is more personalized and provides added value to the customers.

9. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is used to access shared physical computing resources on-demand over a network. These resources include servers, storage, networking and other associated software. Cloud computing also helps to free businesses from the constraints of handling everything themselves.

Cloud computing uses web-based applications to share computational resources. They are delivered remotely over the Internet. Usually, they are shared among multiple users.

Web apps have emerged as a primary communication channel for people’s interaction in various aspects. With these, your users don’t need to install an app specifically for an individual purpose. As a trusted web app development partner, get in touch with Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd. to amplify your business and its success to the pinnacle.


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