Top 7 Benefits of Magento 2 for Your e-Commerce Business

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Top 7 Benefits of Magento 2 for Your e-Commerce Business
May09, 2019

Top 7 Benefits of Magento 2 for Your e-Commerce Business

Looking for a powerful e-Commerce solution that is highly scalable and reliable? Magento 2 is the name. Released in the year 2015, Magento is an optimised as well as improved version of the Magento platform. Compared to the Magento 1.x versions, Magento 2 not only has a newly-designed interface, but also has more improved developer tools, features and architecture.

If statistics are to be believed, for e-Commerce platforms, Magento holds 14% of the market share. There is a possibility that this percentage is going to increase. Experts think that within the next one year, the number of Magento 2 stores will see a rapid growth. So how exactly can Magento 2 benefit your e-Commerce business? Read on.

Attract Your Online Customers with Luma

Now, you may ask, “What is Luma?” Well, Luma is the new theme of Magento 2 that is a lot better than the themes of the previous versions. Love beautifully-designed websites? Your customers love that too! So if you want to get more customers to your e-Commerce site, make sure that the UI/UX are excellent. With Magento 1, you get to have your hands on some amazing new components that were not there in the earlier version. It includes receptive or reactive images, typography, tile structure and superb performance.

Enhanced Performance

What would you do if you visit an e-Commerce website and the site takes time to load? Close that page and move on to another site, right? Your customers are just like you. If they come to your site and your site loads slowly, they will leave your site and shop from some another site. Now, you don’t want that happen, right? Upgrade to Magento 2, which loads 30%-50% faster compared to its earlier versions. Also, it lets you handle 39% more number of orders as well as about 66% faster products adding to cart than Magento 1. With Magento 2, the query performance can speed up.

Easy and Simple Checkout

magento checkout process

The checkout process of Magento 2 is up-to-date. This makes it easy for your customers to select products, add them to cart and place orders. Do you know what the best part is? Well, if you want to customise the process, you can do that easily with fewer steps as well as information. This is of great help if you want to increase your conversions, as customers love to have a quick check out process. Got more reasons to choose Magento 2?

Analytics and Reporting

analytics and reporting magento module

Do you want to keep track of your website’s performance? You surely want, don’t you? Here comes Magento 2 to grant your wish! Magento 2 has some attractive inbuilt features such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analysis. These let you analyze the performance of your website on the mobile as well as web and keep a track of the performance of your e-Commerce website.

Improved Admin Interface

Is it taking a lot of time to manage your online store? With the new admin interface of Magento 2, you can reduce the time for managing your e-Commerce store. As an admin, you get to customize your business panel in order to access your important business information quickly. This way, each admin can customize each admin panel, thereby increasing the productivity at the time of managing orders, products and customer data.

Multi-currency and Multi-language Support

Magento 2 supports multiple languages as well as currencies, making it easier for your customers to access your website from all over the world. Also, it provides appropriate solutions along with a faster tax calculation and payment process, thereby increasing your e-Commerce business revenue.

Responsive Design

Can you imagine a day without your smartphone? No, right? Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, so much so that we can’t even think of spending a day without it. With it, we can chat with our friends on social media, stay updated with all the new happenings as well as shop online from e-Commerce stores. All these make it all the more important for you to make your e-Commerce store mobile-friendly. With Magento 2, you can do exactly that. If you go for a responsive design layout, you will be able to attract a lot of customers, who can shop on your site using their smartphones and tablets. Otherwise, stay prepared to see your business get ruined!

Want to have more insights into Magento 2? Or, Want to upgrade to Magento 2? We can help! We can handle your e-Commerce website management right from planning to execution. Want to give a shot? Call us today!


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