Top 7 Mobile App Development Ideas for Startups in 2022

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Top 7 Mobile App Development Ideas for Startups in 2022
Oct20, 2022

Top 7 Mobile App Development Ideas for Startups in 2022

Are you planning to start a new business and so, looking for a widely accessible platform? Or, do you want to target a huge number of users with a minimal business investment? Then going for mobile app development would be the right thing to do!

Do you know that in 2022 more than 258 billion mobile apps are expected to be downloaded?

Do you think it’s easy to stand out among your competitors with your business mobile app? Well, it’s not. Every day, hundreds of apps are uploaded on the app stores such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. And making a place among them is, no doubt, difficult. Your mobile app has to be good enough for the people to install it on their smartphones. And to help you with that, here we’ve come up with some amazing mobile app ideas that you can make use of. Read on.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Restaurant Reservation Mobile App

Who wants to miss a chance to dine at a spectacular place? No one, right? With this kind of app, users can get a graphical layout of nearby restaurants and pubs. They’ll get to book their favorite table for a specific time. AI allows the app to remember the preferences of the users and suggest restaurants according to that. So the users will get to have a more personalized table booking experience.

2. Healthcare App

There are a number of medical procedures that often require a person to remember them. So here’s another great mobile app development idea. You can create a mobile app that can perform a lot of tasks. The app should be able to store as well as manage all the essential medical components of the users including their medication, appointment, medical history, symptoms and their fitness records. Also, the mobile app should be able to monitor different medical parameters such as pulse rate, blood pressure and BMI.

3. Tour App with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Don’t you find it difficult to look for places in a foreign land? You can make this a piece of cake by offering an efficient mobile app. The app should be able to pinpoint all the famous tourist spots, popular things to try and restaurants at that location – letting the users enjoy to their fullest. With AR navigation, you can make travel a lot easier. And with virtual tours, users can shortlist places in a much better way.

4. Interior Design App with Virtual Reality

Isn’t it exciting to design and decorate your new home? These days, people hire interior designers in order to make their homes look just like their dreams. What if these people get to design their own home with the help of a mobile app? You can create a VR interior design app, with the help of which they can decorate it virtually just by taking an image of their homes. This may include curtains, stickers, colors, carpets, paints and many more things. Also, make sure to add a feature that suggests the places to purchase those items. You can take help of a good mobile app development company in India for this.

5. Local Dating App

Do you know that there are a lot of people out there who want to meet new people and hook up? Well, yes! And a dating app could be the perfect solution. Many dating apps are already there in the market. As a startup, you can start by offering services to a specific area that can be useful for the local people.

6. Grocery App

Grocery shopping is an essential part of our everyday lives, isn’t it? You can create a mobile app for grocery shopping, allowing the users to buy groceries from the convenience of their homes. Make sure that the users get to make the payments online. Also, add some unique features to the app to make it a huge hit among users!

7. Cooking Assistant Mobile App

A lot of people love to cook and experiment with new recipes. Creating an app for them can be a great idea! The app may contain helpful instructions on cooking along with some amazing recipes. You can also add a feature that will allow the users to communicate with each other and share new recipes and cooking tips.

Getting an innovative mobile app idea is the first step in creating a successful business. Of course, you need to partner with the right mobile app development company in India that can transform your idea into a top-performing mobile app.


If you are a startup and looking for mobile app ideas to start your business with, then this article is for you. Here are discussed some of the most innovative mobile app ideas that you can make use of. From travel and tourism to hospitality and interior design – here you can find app ideas for almost all kinds of industries. All you have to do is select one and hire the right mobile app development company to start with.


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