IT Support Services vs Internal IT Staff: Which One is Best for Your Business?

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IT Support Services vs Internal IT Staff: Which One is Best for Your Business?
Jul13, 2023

IT Support Services vs Internal IT Staff: Which One is Best for Your Business?

Businesses today are extremely reliant on technology. Naturally, any glitch or technical issue might heavily impact the production and development process. Every large or emerging brand needs to invest in IT support and services to prevent tech issues from stalling business.

Now, when it comes to managing your team’s IT infrastructure, there are two options. You can either set up an internal IT team or go for managed IT support and services from an organisation. However, what should you choose for your brand? Let’s weigh the pros and cons and help you find an ideal option.

What is the Difference between IT Support Services and Internal IT Team?

What is the Difference between IT Support Services and Internal IT Team
Here we will point out in detail IT Support Services Vs. Internal IT Staff.

With a third-party IT support and services provider, you get prompt tech solutions. This organisation provides ongoing support to your team’s tech-related requirements or issues for a fixed charge. Having a full-time in-house IT team can be another way for your brand’s IT infrastructure management. These resources will be hired, onboarded in your team and will work for your team full-time.

To find which kind of IT support solution is appropriate for your business, you need to compare the advantages and drawbacks of each option. Here’s more.

What are the Advantages of an External IT Support and Services Team?

What are the Advantages of an External IT Support and Services Team
For Scalability, Flexibility, and high end quality, several brands rely on external teams.

An external team can take up the entire responsibility of the IT infrastructure of your business. You get access to top talent and best technology for your team without the cost and hassle of long-term commitment.

  • High Scalability: You have the option to scale up or scale down as per your business requirements. In the case of a busy season when you need additional help, you avail IT support and services from the external team easily.
  • Peak Flexibility: You don’t need to hire staff full-time or make any long-term commitment. Instead, you can get IT support and services as and when required.
  • Cost-Effective: There is no need to hire a full-time team or bear expenses for recruitment, onboarding, benefits or healthcare.
  • Access to Expert Professionals: When you choose an external IT service provider, you get quick access to a team of professionals with vast expertise and experience. You don’t have to depend on the knowledge or skill of a few in-house members.

What are the Disadvantages of External IT Support Team?

Despite the major advantages, an IT support team hired externally might have some risks. You will not have complete control over your staff and project and have chances of data theft.

  • Access to Sensitive Data: The external company will have access to some of your sensitive data. However, IT support and service providers usually sign an agreement or an NDA with the partnering business ensuring data privacy.
  • Less Direct Oversight: Another major drawback is that you might have less direct oversight of the IT department. In case of any issues, you will have to connect via the service provider.

What are the Advantages of an Internal IT Team?

Compared to a third-party IT team, an internal team will help you have control over your staff, data, and work process. It also ensures convenience as you get access to resources at any time.

  • Direct Control Over Processes and Staff: With an internal team, you can directly communicate and interact with your staff. You can discuss and implement changes more effortlessly and quickly. In the case of an external team, you will not have direct control over the staff or the processes.
  • Superb Convenience: When you have an in-house team of IT experts, you can deploy them at a moment’s notice. This can help reduce downtime and delays and let you tackle any IT issue instantly.
  • Control on Data: If your business operates in a highly regulated industry, say finance or fintech/ healthcare, data safety is crucial. It is perfectly understandable to be skeptical of any external IT support and service provider. In such cases, an internal team can be suitable. You have better control over your business data.

What are the Disadvantages of Internal IT Team?

Having an IT team on a full-time basis isn’t a cost-effective solution. It comes with multiple costs associated with hiring and maintaining an in-house team. Also, there is limitation in terms of access to skills.

  • High Cost for an In-house Team: The most crucial drawback of having a full-time team is the additional expense. You need to pay salaries to your resources along with various benefits. In addition, there are multiple associated costs for hiring, onboarding, training, utilities, logistics, etc. These costs will go up regardless of the profit or revenue your business makes.
  • Limited Skill Due to Fixed Resources: Considering the vast expense of managing an in-house team, it is not easy to keep a bigger full-time team. This might mean you will have access to limited skills and knowledge.

To Wrap up

Businesses will keep integrating technology to cope with higher demand and increased competition. Given the rising cost of hiring, it will become more expensive to hire and maintain in-house IT teams.

In terms of efficiency and costs, external IT support and service partner would be a suitable choice for small, mid-size and large companies. Digital Aptech is a leading business IT solutions company with 10+ years of experience in offering top-notch IT solutions to brands.

However, the ultimate choice depends on your business’s requirements, preferences and budget.


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